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Real Sound

Who can remember when the Microwave oven first appeared on the scene? What about all the cookbooks that appeared specifically designed to cater for this new phenomenon. Roll forward the years and what is the microwave used for - reheating a cup of coffee or a meal which has been set aside! We all still use an electric kettle and our ovens.


The Mother Lode

Our home town of Dunedin, New Zealand grew rich and powerful on account of gold being discovered in the 1800’s. Miners arrived on tall sailingships in their thousands, in search of the “mother lode” of gold which would transform them from rags to riches. Dunedin quickly grew to become the most significant centre of commerce.


A Clockwork Orange - Eloquence series loudspeaker


For too long we’ve had to be content to allow others to make all the noise. The time has come to offer a loudspeaker befitting our powerful Eloquence series amplifiers. We’ve already made most of the big decisions and Oh my friends these are going to rock your world!


Audiant 80i 40th Anniversary Edition Released

40 years in business. Who would have thought!

As you’ll be aware, we’ve already released our flagship Eloquence 250i integrated as a limited edition item (50 pcs). It is with great pleasure that we offer the Audiant 80i, as a 40th anniversary limited edition model (100 pcs) to complete our offerings.


Swedish HiFi & Musik Magazine calls the Eloquence 250i a 'Lokomotiv'

Swedish, Hi Fi & Musik Magazine has just published a review of the Eloquence 250i.

"We guarantee that you will not be dissapointed by the economy or scale and the unlimited power of this Locomotive!"

Our sincere thanks to our Swedish distributor Wiktors for their efforts in organising this review.

Follow this link to read the Hifi & Musik review of the Eloquence 250i (in Swedish).

Find out more about the Eloquence 250i here.

2014 Munich High End Audio Show report

There is an old song which goes.... 

"it's a long long way to Tipperary".

With a total travel time in excess of 25 hours between New Zealand and Germany, it would have to rank amongst the longest air journeys in the world. We had exhibited at Munich in 2013, so we felt this time around it was ok to sit this one out. In our abscence, our German distributor,  Genuin Audio did a superb job of exhibiting Perreaux and their other lines.


What's Under Development?

Want to enjoy audio at the very highest level of reproduction. A well set up and optimised phono system has the potential to achieve this.

It has been several years since we offered a dedicated phono pre amplifier in our line up, so we’ve had time to roll concepts around in our mouths and to test prototypes so our customers can realise further audible gains.


Building the 250i Anniversary Edition

By any measure, 40 years in business is a milestone worth celebrating. To that end, we have selected the Eloquence 250i integrated amplifier as the first unit from our lineup to be given a special flourish.

It was always going to be a challenging task to improve on this already exceptionally designed unit, and we certainly did not want to turn it into some gimmicky marketing exercise. In the end, we decided to focus primarily on squeezing the very last ounce of sonic performance out of the unit with only a small marketing flourish allowed by affixing a custom designed metallic badge to each front panel. The production run is strictly limited to 50 pcs and every 40th Anniversary Edition amplifier will be supplied with a signed and numbered certificate of Aunthenticity.


Acoustics Matters #3

Musical Intelligence


Brian Maskell, Ambience Systems, New Zealand

I have had “occasion to imagine that matters that may enter the human mind were interrelated in the same fashion”. Rene Descartes, mathematician (1596 – 1650)

Once upon a time, many decades ago, I became much involved in ‘think-tanks’ – strange devices comprising of very bright people of very diverse disciplines from which small groups could be formed to create new ‘opportunity spaces’ – for just about anything.

It was a time when the Cold War dominated much of the priority setting in Western governments – and, consequently, large slices of public expenditure were involved. 

Thus, it was a priority to focus good minds on making sure that defence policy directions and initiatives adopted would prevail advantageously for some time.


Organised Sound #3

Holiwater BandTOM BAILEY IS a name many will remember from his pop group The Thompson Twins, a trio that, for a brief blip in the mid-‘80s was the biggest band in the world. What is less well known is what happened to Bailey – the group’s only real musician and songwriter – when he retired from the commercial arena, and for some years, lived in New Zealand. 

Apart from his face-lifting production and instrumental work on local group Stellar’s most successful releases, Bailey used his time in the Antipodes primarily to explore a music style he had loved for many years: Jamaican dub. His International Observer project was a creative outlet that was almost the antithesis to his years in the commercial spotlight, and IO’s deeply introspective electronic dub, when you listened closely, revealed hitherto disguised brilliance. 

The under-heard Seen from 2001 is still the most magnificent slice of electronic music to have originated from NZ, and one of the best-sounding recordings from this country, too. But listen carefully to Seen, and you’ll hear Bailey’s melodic gift, and the benefit of his training and interest in classical music in the subtle inflections and modulations. It’s a record that I never grow tired of, and keep in my pile of hi-fi test discs.


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