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Marty's End of Year Message

Welcome to the final edition of the Perreaux newsletter for 2014. In this edition, we reveal details of the new Audiant series VP3 phono pre amplifier. Please take a little time to review the images and the attached notes. You would think that 40 years of developing phono pre amplifiers should form an adequate grounding, however we consider the VP3 to be among the more challenging assignments we have undertaken recently.


Audiant VP3 pre release Scoop

We are pleased to release further details of our new Audiant series VP3 moving magnet, moving coil phono pre amplifier. To follow are first images of the new VP3 along with notes covering our overall design philosophy and product features.


Musical Robot

We thought you might enjoy knowing a little more about some of the myriad applications that Perreaux products are used for.


Organised Sound #4

TRADITIONALLY, AROUND ABOUT this time critics put together their ‘best of the year’ selections. Twenty years ago, it may have been possible to nominate the finest recordings, if you were to ignore the then-emerging underground represented by independent labels, and if you were willing to pretend that the only music that mattered was made in America, England or the colonies. 

As if critics’ lists weren’t troublesome enough back then, now they’re next to impossible. The idea that one music reviewer could – from the plethora of music spilling out from every sub-cultural crevice of the internet – choose a definitive ‘best of 2014’ is an enormous conceit.


Audiant 80i 2015 German Plus X nomination

The Perreaux Audiant series 80i, 80W integrated amplifier has been nominated for the prestigious 2015 German Plus-X award. This is the worlds largest design awards and it is indeed an honour for the Audiant 80i to be nominated.


Italian review Audiant 100p

Italian hi end audio magazine, "Fedeltà del Suono" has recently reviewed the Audiant series 100p power amplifier.


Call us on Skype

Got something on your mind and would like to talk. We invite you to call us on Skype. If we are at our desk, we will endeavour to answer.


Marty's Fear of Ice

It's easy to become set in our ways. We have a large family and we have always struggled to find something we could enjoy together. Some months ago we tried ice speed skating lessons. The improvement in the children's ability has been dramatic since then and everyone looks forward to attending a weekly session.


New Product Reviews

Perreaux is well represented in countries all around the world and thanks to some hard work from our international partners we are able to take you on a quick trip around central Europe with three exciting new product reviews.


Update on New Developments

No matter how strong our current lineup may be, there is always room for improvement and more work to be done. At Perreaux our customers are constantly asking and as such we are acutely aware of the weight of expectation and anticipation around any new developments. That’s one of the reasons why we are now talking more in terms of new product development. In doing so, we are becoming more visible for all to see where we are heading as we inch ever closer towards release of 2 new products, the Eloquence Loudspeaker and the Audiant Phono Preamplifier.


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