SR35 Loudspeaker Well Received at Premier

Audiant SR35 Loudspeaker Premier Sweet Spot StockholmThe Sweetspot Stockholm audio fair, held over the weekend in Sweden, saw the world premier of our brand spanking new Audiant SR35 loudspeaker.

We shipped the first pair of SR35 loudspeakers to our Swedish distributor Wiktors to make their world premier at the popular Swedish audio show. The loudspeakers were finished in gorgeous satin white (the Scandinavians would have it no other way!!).

For a week prior to the Sweetspot show Joacim Eriksson, Wiktors' home entertainment product manager, listened to the SR35 loudspeakers and was totally impressed, saying the speakers look great and sound amazing.

The loudspeakers were extremely well received at the Sweetspot show and were very popular with showgoers during the course of the weekend. Joacim said visitors were impressed with the speakers and that many were surprised with the BIG sound produced by their slick and slim design, which many thought was a perfect fit for the people of Scandinavia.

Audiant SR35 Loudspeaker Premier Sweetspot 2013
The Audiant SR35 loudspeakers making their world premier at Sweetspot 2013
(driven within an inch of their lives by the eloquence 250i!!)

Visitors commenting on the sound of the SR35 loudspeakers found they sounded "realistic" and had "awesome presence". Some even went as far as saying we had "the best sound in the whole show"!! We're so humbled to know that our SR35s can inspire such words.

Joacim felt the show was a huge success and was very happy with how well the eloquence and Audiant lines were received, particularly the Audiant SR35 loudspeaker.

Thanks to Joacim and the team at Wiktors for putting on a great show. What a way to introduce the people of Scandinavia to Perreaux... Well done!!

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