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How to Setup USB Audio in Windows XP

USB Audio Windows XPAre you looking for the best sound quality for your USB audio, this guide shows you how to setup USB audio in Windows XP and the settings we've found that optimise the sound quality of USB audio equipped DACs, preamplifiers and amplifiers.

Even though this guide shows you how to setup USB audio specifically for Windows XP, many of the concepts are still applicable to Windows Vista and Windows 7 although the settings are accessed via different menus.


Balanced vs. Unbalanced Audio

There are a lot of questions, and often confusion, surrounding balanced and unbalanced audio – What is balanced audio? Is balanced better than unbalanced? Why should I use balanced? How will balanced audio affect my system? What differences in sound quality can I expect to hear when using balanced? If balanced is so good, why isn’t everyone using it? …and the list goes on.

What follows is some insight into balanced vs. unbalanced audio in an attempt to answer these questions, ease the confusion, and explain how it is applicable today – particularly as high definition music gains popularity.


KL International AV Show 2011

The KL International AV Show 2011Malaysia's premier audio visual show, The KL International AV Show, takes place on 29-31 July 2011 at The JW Marriot Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

Our Audiant 80iéloquence 150i integrated amplifiers, as well as our Silhouette SXH2 headphone amp and SXV2 phono preamplifier, will be available for demonstration throughout the show courtesy of Electrades Audio, the exclusive Perreaux distributor for Malaysia.

The Audiant 80i and éloquence 150i amplifiers will be demonstrated with various loudspeakers from UK company Spendor.

Head along to room 7037 and say 'Hi' to Shashi from Electrades Audio.  He'll be more than happy to demonstrate the capabilities of the Audiant 80i and éloquence 150i and their on-board DACs and phono stages.

Unfortunately we're not able to attend the show, but we'd love to hear from anybody who does attend and their impressions of it.

150i Integrated Amplifier Reviewed in Taiwan

eloquence 150i Integrated Amplifier FrontTaiwanese magazine Audio Art recently featured a review of our éloquence 150i integrated amplifier.

Many thanks to our distributor Jeff Lin of Sheng-Kai Co., Ltd. for arranging the review.

Read the review in it's entirety, although you better sharpen up on your Chinese.

Sight & Sound

Perreaux éloquence 250i Integrated AmplifierI've experienced some stunning audio/visual systems and a few disasters also.

I received a call from a friend the other day asking my advice on a home audio system for his new house. He had received a multi-room audio proposal from his local store and they felt he needed audio in every room of his house. The system was both extensive and expensive, but importantly there was far too much emphasis on quantity and convenience over quality.

Call me old fashioned, but I'm just not buying into all this convenience. When I'm in the bedroom, my prime focus is usually rest; and when I'm in the kitchen, thoughts of food take presedence. To me, this is the hoary old chestnut of less adding up to so much more. Rejecting everywhere convenience in favour of focusing on a few select prime areas of use and making them all they can be is definitely the way to go in my opinion.


150i Reviewed by Audio Video Revolution

eloquence TransportLeading online AV magazine Audio Video Revolution has reviewed the éloquence 150i integrated amplifier.

Reviewer Andre Marc was quite taken by the 150i, here are a few of his discoveries and comments:

“The 150i did not suffer in comparison in any way to my separates, much to my great surprise.”

“It offers such a coherent presentation, and did not have me shying away from any genre of music.”

“This is one of my all time favorites and the Perreaux brought me closer to the music than before.”

Be sure to find out what other revelations he had and read Andre's 150i review in it's entirety on the Audio Video Revolution website.

The 150i Has a Rock 'n' Roll Heart

eloquence TransportSteve Guttenberg has reviewed the éloquence 150i integrated amplifier for online publication TONEAudio Magazine and he captured it's ethos in one short phrase &ndash the 150i has a rock 'n' roll heart.

To put Steve's words into context, this is what he said in the review:

“Listening over the éloquence 150i, this CD's wider than average dynamic range exploded over my Magnepan 3.6/R speakers, and you know what they say about Maggies: they need a bit of juice to really come alive. The éloquence 150i has a rock 'n' roll heart beating inside that compact chassis.”

He goes on in the review to say:

“There's something about the way the éloquence 150i let me hear the spaces between instruments that immediately grabbed my attention.”

“I didn't intend to listen to all of Sgt. Pepper, but once I started I couldn't stop. The amp must be doing something right.”

Make sure you read Steve's 150i review in it's entirety to discover what other impressions he had of the 150i.

A Duet With Eloquent Brilliance

eloquence 150i Review Son & ImageEsteemed Canadian audio magazine Son & Image have reviewed the éloquence 150i integrated amplifier along with Harbeth Super HL5 loudspeakers.

Reviewer Michel Leroux had these words to say about the 150i:

“...demontre l'aptitude de cet integre a maintenir les membranes des transducteurs des enceintes en place suite a un deplacement, un impact ou un <> avec pour resultat, des basses rondes mais fermes, une dynamique et une tres bonne definition sonore sans pour autant induire de son trop sec ou dur.”

Which, courtesy of Google Translate, roughly translates to:

“...demonstrates the aptitude of this integrated to maintain control of the speaker after a displacement, or impact "beat", resulting in the bass being low but tight, a dynamic and a very good definition sound without being too dry or hard.”

Unfortunately we don't have an English translation of the review, but if you can read French, check out Michel's review of the 150i.

Vinyl to Digital, with éloquence

Blow the cobwebs off your records one last time...

You've searched every CD bin in every music store known to man, scoured the darkest corners of the internet, and still can't find that elusive digital recording of your favourite LP.

Frustrated at not being able to take your record collection with you on your daily jog in the park? Besides having enough music to last 1000 jogs in the park, you'd look pretty daft dragging crate-loads of vinyl behind you.

Whether you're after a digital version of a favourite LP, mobilising your record collection with your iPod or other MP3 player, or simply would like to digitally preserve your entire library of vinyl for eternity; the digital to analogue converter (DAC) module for the éloquence 150i and éloquence 250i integrated amplifiers makes digitising your vinyl a painless process, while providing CD-quality recording.


éloquence 150i Reviewed by Québec Audio & Vidéo

Québec Audio & VidéoCanadian magazine Québec Audio & Vidéo recently reviewed the éloquence 150i Integrated Amplifier in their June/July edition.

“Dans ce sens, l’harmonie entre les voix féminines et celles des hommes est tout à fait exquise, si bien que l’ loquence 150i exsude la musique, comme s’il était né pour et par la musique. N’est-ce pas surprenant, venant d’une entreprise fondée au départ pour la sonorisation professionnelle?”

We think reviewer Michel Dallaire's words have a nicer ring to them in French, so we've left them that way – although, feel free to pop them into Google Translate and see what you get.

For those of you who can read French, the éloquence 150i integrated amplifier review is available in it's entirety. Those of you who can't, the review is kindly in the process of being translated by our Canadian distributor Planet of Sound Distribution.

Be sure to check back regularly, as it will be available once Gunnar has worked his magic on it. Alternatively, subscribe to the blog via email or RSS and get it hot-off-the-press.

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