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Review - Silhouette SXCD CD Player

The recently released Silhouette Series SXCD Compact Disc Player achieves a Gold Award in the latest issue (Issue 63) of New Zealand hi fi and technology magazine Tone.

The SXCD inspired these words from reviewer Steve Smith:

"The music flows with a smooth, detailed delivery that can rival CD players costing twice the price..."

"I was flabbergasted at just how good the SXCD was..."

Read the SXCD Compact Disc Player review in it's entirety.

Issue 63 is on news-stands now, why don't you pop out and get yourself a copy...

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After years in the Hi-Fi wilderness, I decided to revisit my youth and teach the kids athing or two about quality music. You Know the stuff,
its what you grew up with, when you first went flatting, got too much of everything your parents avoided, and liked it. At age 50,
I soon decided I had actually outgrown my youthful intrigue with volume and headbanging. So with a smallish budget I charged headlong into N Z made
quality audio to fill my 22 sq metre lounge, JUST FOR ME. Put together the SXCD SXP2 SX25 and a pair of Image Studio Reference speakers, and you too
can listen to the clarity of Pink Martini's U Zoru Plavu, Dave Brubecks famous rendition of Take Five, Stan Getz, Madeleine Peyroux and Richard Adams,
and Nigel Gavin's Recent Works, yet still find yourself with Bob Dylans Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts. The SXCD delivers in this system,
and lets face it, if you're too lazy to get up and change the CD or the volume knob in a 22 sq metre room, you've no right in listening to my
favourite stuff
# Posted By Craig Griffin | 26/05/10 11:44 PM

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