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High Fidelity Reviews Prisma SM6 MkII Preamp & 350 Power Amp

Our Danish distributor Soren Vittrup from AUDIOcompagniet arranged an excellent review, by reputable Danish hi fi magazine High Fidelity, of the Prisma series SM6 MkII Balanced Preamplifier and 350 Stereo Power Amplifier.

If you can read Danish check out the SM6 MkII Preamplifier & 350 Power Amplifier review (1.38MB) in it's entirety.

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I wanted to read the review but I certainly cannot read Danish. How about a translation, even if its just the conclusion?
# Posted By Howard Arrowsmith | 12/12/08 3:46 AM
Here is a translation of the Konklusion. Translated courtesy of Google Translate...

"Perreaux shows with Prisma SM6 pre and 350 power amplifiers that deliver highly capable engineered and manufactured products. The sound excel in many key areas and also their finish is good compared to the relatively malleable price level we are at."

"Preamplifiers are not completely transparent and it takes a little of both precision and transparency of the sound stage. But it still does not so much because it is likely to be used together with the power amplifier and the community is the closest to a hit."

"Midrange representation is amplifier kit trump card, which in combination with a casual dissemination of the upper octaves, contributing to a very pleasant sound. Once all this combined with the set quite strong hand - its ability to reproduce space and ambience - gives Perreaux Prisma constituents really very value for money."
# Posted By Perreaux | 15/12/08 2:18 AM

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