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Dunedin is tops

I've previously written about our move to Dunedin from Auckland... well we are all really loving life down here... I like the people, geography, relaxed attitude and distinctive seasons.

Dunedin's weather is much better too, much less rain, with long hot dry summers and cooler weather where you get to wrap up snugly around open fires etc. All in all Dunedin is absolutely tops in my books. The Dunedin City Council must also like our enthusiasm for the place because... they've given us a spot on one of their websites... enjoy:

Dunedin – a sound choice for Perreaux Industries Ltd.

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I guess being close to the university helps too? The whole student-culture experience, possible R&D project tie-ups, internships, etc. The university always welcomes companies wishing to establish a strong business front in Dunedin.
# Posted By Addy | 27/04/09 2:22 AM

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