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First Images of Audiant Series Loudspeaker

New Audiant loudspeakersWe wanted to release this information at the High End Show in Munich next month, but pics have already made their way out there... so here's a sneak preview.

For some time, we have been rolling around the concept of loudspeakers... and finally we've decided to do something. I'm certain that you will be as impressed as we are... they are sensational.

Enjoy the images... more information coming soon.

In the meantime, we'd love to hear what you think. Leave your thoughts, or questions, in the comments below.

New Audiant loudspeakers - front
Audiant floorstanding loudspeakers hand-veneered in American Walnut

New Audiant loudspeaker - front

The Audiant loudspeaker utilises a D'Appolito (MTM) driver configuration

New Audiant loudspeakers with DP32 preamp and 100p power amp

The Audiant loudspeaker is the perfect match for the DP32 USB DAC preamp / 100p power amp combo

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Comments (Comment Moderation is enabled. Your comment will not appear until approved.)
whats a drover? do you mean driver?
# Posted By Antz | 27/04/13 1:22 AM
Hi Antz, thanks for picking that up. I've corrected it.
# Posted By Perreaux | 27/04/13 1:30 AM
Wow ! Very elegant design. I love them already and look forward to hearing them !
# Posted By Eric van der Sluis | 27/04/13 11:39 AM
what is the power range of these
# Posted By mike | 27/04/13 11:22 PM
Bravo for stepping into that field. I think you will do well.
Great natural resources to choose from great manufacturing facilities, and knowledgeable designers.
One thing I would say just as a small thing that you should soften off the corners of the cabinets. The sharp corners "cheapen" the look. Even just a 3-5mm Rad would be better.
# Posted By stever | 29/04/13 12:34 PM
Mike, we're still working on firming up specifications but at this stage recommended amplifier power is in the 25W - 150W range.
# Posted By Perreaux | 29/04/13 1:51 PM
Steve thanks for your comments and support. We're really looking forward to getting the speakers out there for you to see and hear for yourself.

Regarding the cabinet, we toiled long and hard over the aesthetics and found the rounded corners didn't fit so well with the clean/sharp lines of the Audiant components.
# Posted By Perreaux | 29/04/13 2:07 PM
You'll also find that unless they are vinyl wrapped, radius corners are significantly more time consuming to manufacture pressed with timber veneer thus forcing the price higher. Looks like Walnut veneer. Nice. Please do not do Rimu! It ages/fades ugly in the sun... Interesting but somewhat similar some of the Kef speaker range.
# Posted By M2P | 29/04/13 3:16 PM
Yep, walnut veneer. When the veneer turned up I must admit I thought it looked a little 'blah' but once on the cabinet it looks stunning. Walnut is a nice change from Rimu too. In fact after seeing how Walnut has come up I prefer it over Rimu. Others will disagree, different strokes for different folks.
# Posted By Perreaux | 29/04/13 3:33 PM
I've never understood NZ's obsession with rimu (outside of 1992 of course). I much prefer the lighter contemporary maple look. These will look truly awesome in maple :)
# Posted By Phillip | 15/05/13 12:12 PM

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