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New Product Reviews

Perreaux is well represented in countries all around the world and thanks to some hard work from our international partners we are able to take you on a quick trip around central Europe with three exciting new product reviews.


Swedish HiFi & Musik Magazine calls the Eloquence 250i a 'Lokomotiv'

Swedish, Hi Fi & Musik Magazine has just published a review of the Eloquence 250i.

"We guarantee that you will not be dissapointed by the economy or scale and the unlimited power of this Locomotive!"

Our sincere thanks to our Swedish distributor Wiktors for their efforts in organising this review.

Follow this link to read the Hifi & Musik review of the Eloquence 250i (in Swedish).

Find out more about the Eloquence 250i here.

Building the 250i Anniversary Edition

By any measure, 40 years in business is a milestone worth celebrating. To that end, we have selected the Eloquence 250i integrated amplifier as the first unit from our lineup to be given a special flourish.

It was always going to be a challenging task to improve on this already exceptionally designed unit, and we certainly did not want to turn it into some gimmicky marketing exercise. In the end, we decided to focus primarily on squeezing the very last ounce of sonic performance out of the unit with only a small marketing flourish allowed by affixing a custom designed metallic badge to each front panel. The production run is strictly limited to 50 pcs and every 40th Anniversary Edition amplifier will be supplied with a signed and numbered certificate of Aunthenticity.


40th Anniversary 250i Update

Limited Edition 40th Anniversary 250iWe're still chipping away at the Limited Edition 40th Anniversary 250i making the final adjustments trying to eek out every ounce of magic.

It won't be too long now until the 40th Anniversary edition of the eloquence 250i integrated amp becomes a reality.

Although, before we finalise everything, I would like to ask what upgrades you would like to see in the 40th Anniversary 250i.


Limited Edition 40th Anniversary 250i

Limited Edition 40th Anniversary 250iLast year we promised limited edition models to celebrate our 40th Anniversary. The first amplifier to receive the limited edition 40th Anniversary treatment is the eloquence 250i integrated amplifier.

The 250i is already a stellar amplifier, having received a number of awards and outstanding reviews, but we couldn't help but challenge ourselves to see if we could enhance its magic.

We've spent countless hours tweaking the 250i, auditioning various capacitors, resistors, cables, connectors, ICs... the list goes on.


15 Reasons Never to Even Consider Buying a Perreaux eloquence 250i

eloquence 250i Integrated AmplifierStuart, who owns an eloquence 250i, recently suggested the following reasons why you should never consider buying one:

1. Because the family might go hungry for a while

2. You will no longer need that expensive sub

3. You will have to find some other use for the hours you use to spend researching what amp next

4. You will realise that you might have great speakers but with this amp you might just start spending hours researching what speakers next

5. The wife will definitely start to complain re volume


Audio Show 2013 Portugal

Audio Show 2013 PortugalVisit us at Portugal's Audio Show 2013, 15th-17th November at the Pestana Palace Hotel, where the Perreaux Audiant 80i and eloquence 250i integrated amplifiers will be demonstrated in association with our distributor Exaudio Portugal.

Come and see us at the Janelas Verdes room where the Audiant 80i will be paired with ATC Loudspeaker's SCM11 speakers while the eloquence 250i will play their SCM50 SL speakers.


eloquence 250i Reviewed by Hifi Statement

Review - eloquence 250i Integrated Amplifier - Hifi StatementIn their latest test German magazine Hifi Statement review our eloquence 250i integrated amplifier equipped with both optional modules the 24/192 USB DAC and MM/MC phono preamp.

Reviewer Jörg-Peter Schimmel couldn't believe how tube-like the sound of the 250i integrated amp is...

“If I did not know better, I would have guessed in a blind test it was a tube amp...”


eloquence 250i Wins 'Product of the Year 2012'

eloquence 250i Product of the Year 2012Our eloquence 250i Integrated Amplifier has won 'Product of the Year 2012' award from Audio & Cinema em Casa magazine and even manages to grace the cover of their awards issue.

During his time with the 250i reviewer Jorqe Gonçalves uses Quad ESL-63 and B&W 802 Diamond speakers and "really liked this amplifier from Perreaux". He had this to say about the 250i's sonic performance:

“vivacity manages to combine beauty with timbre and, at the other extreme, an almost monstrous energy capacity.”


How to Setup USB Audio in Windows XP

USB Audio Windows XPAre you looking for the best sound quality for your USB audio, this guide shows you how to setup USB audio in Windows XP and the settings we've found that optimise the sound quality of USB audio equipped DACs, preamplifiers and amplifiers.

Even though this guide shows you how to setup USB audio specifically for Windows XP, many of the concepts are still applicable to Windows Vista and Windows 7 although the settings are accessed via different menus.


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