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Limited Edition 40th Anniversary 250i

Limited Edition 40th Anniversary 250iLast year we promised limited edition models to celebrate our 40th Anniversary. The first amplifier to receive the limited edition 40th Anniversary treatment is the eloquence 250i integrated amplifier.

The 250i is already a stellar amplifier, having received a number of awards and outstanding reviews, but we couldn't help but challenge ourselves to see if we could enhance its magic.

We've spent countless hours tweaking the 250i, auditioning various capacitors, resistors, cables, connectors, ICs... the list goes on.


Einsnull Finds DP32 & 100p Combo "Sonically Incorruptible"

Review - Audiant DP32 USB DAC Preamplifier & 100p Power Amplifier - einsnullEinsnull magazine recently reviewed our award-winning Audiant DP32 USB DAC preamplifier and 100p power amplifier combination, describing the pairing as "sonically incorruptible" or more specifically – "klanglich unbestechlich".

Reviewer Christian Rechenbach also writes:

“Das ist eine moderne Vor/End-Kombi, die hinsichtlich Design den modernen Zeitgeist trifft, technisch auf dem neuesten Stand und klanglich unbestechlich ist und meine absolute Sympathie einheimsen konnte. Ich kann jedenfalls mit bestem Gewissen sagen, dass die Rückkehr von Perreaux auf den deutschen Markt eine Bereicherung ist.”


Fairaudio Reviews Audiant 80i

Review - Audiant 80i Integrated Amplifier - fairaudioIn their latest test German magazine fairaudio reviews our USB DAC equipped Audiant 80i integrated amplifier.

Reviewer Tobias Zoporowski was amazed that the 80i could produce such a BIG sound...

“Als ob der Perreaux Audiant 80i mir diese Vorahnung gleich bestätigen muss, baut er... ein derart massives Klanggebirge auf, dass es mich regelrecht in den Sessel drückt.”

He also found the mid-range of the 80i was the best in its class...


eloquence 250i Reviewed by Hifi Statement

Review - eloquence 250i Integrated Amplifier - Hifi StatementIn their latest test German magazine Hifi Statement review our eloquence 250i integrated amplifier equipped with both optional modules the 24/192 USB DAC and MM/MC phono preamp.

Reviewer Jörg-Peter Schimmel couldn't believe how tube-like the sound of the 250i integrated amp is...

“If I did not know better, I would have guessed in a blind test it was a tube amp...”


40 Year Old Amp Gets a Refresh

Perreaux GS 2002 amplifier frontWe've been continuously refining our core competence for almost 40 years! We scoured the internet and found a fully functioning Perreaux GS 2002 amplifier, Perreaux's first commercially available amplifier manufactured in 1974, as a testament to the lasting quality of our products.

What were you doing in 1974?

Richard Nixon was President of the USA.
The Godfather part II and Towering Inferno were playing on the big screen.
West Germany beat Holland 2:1 in the world cup soccer final... I remember that match with terrific sadness.
India successfully tests an atomic device... becoming the worlds 6th nuclear power.
OPEC ends the oil embargo.
Mott the Hoople sang... All The Young Dudes.
Jefferson Starship are formed.
Eric Clapton sings "I Shot The Sheriff".
Led Zeppelin form Swan Song records.
Barbara Streisand sings "The Way We Were"

Contrasting the Perreaux GS 2002 with our current Audiant 80i integrated amplifier...


DP32 & 100p Awarded 5 Stars by Witchdoctor

Review - DP32 USB DAC Pre & 100p Stereo Power Amp -

New Zealand online magazine for technology and hi-fi,, recently reviewed our award-winning Audiant DP32 USB DAC preamp and 100p stereo power amp combination and awarded both components a full 5 stars.

Reviewer Andrew Baker claims "Perreaux has manufactured magic" and found the DP32 "had a proper analogue flavour with very little digital glare or harshness to be heard", while the 100p midrange was "smooth, transparent and packed full of detail with a near valve-like fluidity".


eloquence 250i Wins 'Product of the Year 2012'

eloquence 250i Product of the Year 2012Our eloquence 250i Integrated Amplifier has won 'Product of the Year 2012' award from Audio & Cinema em Casa magazine and even manages to grace the cover of their awards issue.

During his time with the 250i reviewer Jorqe Gonçalves uses Quad ESL-63 and B&W 802 Diamond speakers and "really liked this amplifier from Perreaux". He had this to say about the 250i's sonic performance:

“vivacity manages to combine beauty with timbre and, at the other extreme, an almost monstrous energy capacity.”


Audiant 80i Awarded by ReMusic

Audiant 80i earns Spark Award from ReMusicReMusic recently reviewed our Audiant 80i integrated amplifier and gave it their 'Spark' award. The 80i joins only a handful of other components to have earned this prestigious award.

The Audiant 80i was reviewed by Roberto Rocchi who found the sound of the amp possessed a "naturalness" and had "control like a true champion". Impressed that such a big sound could come from the 'little' Audiant 80i he commented:

“The small size of the Audiant 80i is in startling contrast to a big sound, opulent and luxurious.”

Roberto liked the natural sound of the on-board USB DAC and suggested it will "satisfy the aesthetic taste of the most experienced audiophile", especially if using a computer to stream music.


HIFI4ALL.DK Reviews DP32 & 100p

Review - DP32 USB DAC Pre & 100p Stereo Power Amp - HIFI4ALL.DK

Our award-winning Audiant DP32 USB DAC preamp and 100p stereo power amp have just been reviewed by HIFI4ALL.DK.

Reviewed by Mikkel Gige, he compared the sound of the DP32 to that which he has only ever heard from vinyl and one other digital source:

“It is a huge achievement, as DP32 can be quite proud of. I have only experienced the same "analog" sound from one other digital player...”

You'll need to read the review to find out what player that was, although I will tell you it starts with 'M' and costs three times as much as the DP32.


DP32 & 100p Reviewed by Audio Video Magazine

Review - DP32 USB DAC Pre & 100p Stereo Power Amp - Audio VideoAudio Video Magazine recently reviewed our Audiant DP32 USB DAC preamp and matching 100p stereo power amp in their October issue.

Reviewer William Kelly loved his time spent with the DP32/100p pre-power combination although, just like any self-respecting South African, he managed have a dig at us Kiwis in the process, particularly our national rugby team – the All Blacks.

William, might I remind you that the All Blacks are the current Rugby World Cup holders, won this year's Rugby Championship AND retained the Bledisloe Cup... need I say more? :-)

Thankfully William managed to put his prejudices to one side to find:

“This pair owes no explanation to anyone – it is simply very, very good at producing music.”


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