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Update on New Developments

No matter how strong our current lineup may be, there is always room for improvement and more work to be done. At Perreaux our customers are constantly asking and as such we are acutely aware of the weight of expectation and anticipation around any new developments. That’s one of the reasons why we are now talking more in terms of new product development. In doing so, we are becoming more visible for all to see where we are heading as we inch ever closer towards release of 2 new products, the Eloquence Loudspeaker and the Audiant Phono Preamplifier.


Audiant 80i 40th Anniversary Edition Released

40 years in business. Who would have thought!

As you’ll be aware, we’ve already released our flagship Eloquence 250i integrated as a limited edition item (50 pcs). It is with great pleasure that we offer the Audiant 80i, as a 40th anniversary limited edition model (100 pcs) to complete our offerings.


What's Under Development?

Want to enjoy audio at the very highest level of reproduction. A well set up and optimised phono system has the potential to achieve this.

It has been several years since we offered a dedicated phono pre amplifier in our line up, so we’ve had time to roll concepts around in our mouths and to test prototypes so our customers can realise further audible gains.


Christchurch Home Show 2014

Christchurch Home Show 2014Jon and I are at the Christchurch Home Show this weekend. If you're in town drop by, say g'day and have a listen to the award-winning Audiant 80i integrated amplifier and the SR35 loudspeakers, which recently received high praise from the folk at

Christchurch Home Show 2014
Location: CBS Canterbury Arena, Addington, Christchurch
Date: 14th-16th March 2014
Tickets: Online - $8 | At show - $10 | Seniors - $8 | Children - FREE (under 18)


Einsnull Finds DP32 & 100p Combo "Sonically Incorruptible"

Review - Audiant DP32 USB DAC Preamplifier & 100p Power Amplifier - einsnullEinsnull magazine recently reviewed our award-winning Audiant DP32 USB DAC preamplifier and 100p power amplifier combination, describing the pairing as "sonically incorruptible" or more specifically – "klanglich unbestechlich".

Reviewer Christian Rechenbach also writes:

“Das ist eine moderne Vor/End-Kombi, die hinsichtlich Design den modernen Zeitgeist trifft, technisch auf dem neuesten Stand und klanglich unbestechlich ist und meine absolute Sympathie einheimsen konnte. Ich kann jedenfalls mit bestem Gewissen sagen, dass die Rückkehr von Perreaux auf den deutschen Markt eine Bereicherung ist.”


Fairaudio Reviews Audiant 80i

Review - Audiant 80i Integrated Amplifier - fairaudioIn their latest test German magazine fairaudio reviews our USB DAC equipped Audiant 80i integrated amplifier.

Reviewer Tobias Zoporowski was amazed that the 80i could produce such a BIG sound...

“Als ob der Perreaux Audiant 80i mir diese Vorahnung gleich bestätigen muss, baut er... ein derart massives Klanggebirge auf, dass es mich regelrecht in den Sessel drückt.”

He also found the mid-range of the 80i was the best in its class...


Audio Show 2013 Portugal

Audio Show 2013 PortugalVisit us at Portugal's Audio Show 2013, 15th-17th November at the Pestana Palace Hotel, where the Perreaux Audiant 80i and eloquence 250i integrated amplifiers will be demonstrated in association with our distributor Exaudio Portugal.

Come and see us at the Janelas Verdes room where the Audiant 80i will be paired with ATC Loudspeaker's SCM11 speakers while the eloquence 250i will play their SCM50 SL speakers.


SR35 Loudspeaker Well Received at Premier

Audiant SR35 Loudspeaker Premier Sweet Spot StockholmThe Sweetspot Stockholm audio fair, held over the weekend in Sweden, saw the world premier of our brand spanking new Audiant SR35 loudspeaker.

We shipped the first pair of SR35 loudspeakers to our Swedish distributor Wiktors to make their world premier at the popular Swedish audio show. The loudspeakers were finished in gorgeous satin white (the Scandinavians would have it no other way!!).

For a week prior to the Sweetspot show Joacim Eriksson, Wiktors' home entertainment product manager, listened to the SR35 loudspeakers and was totally impressed, saying the speakers look great and sound amazing.


World Premier of Audiant SR35

Sweet Spot Stockholm 2013Our very first pair of Audiant SR35 loudspeakers have shipped and are winging their way to Sweden this very minute. In just a couple of weeks Wiktors, the exclusive Perreaux distributor in Sweden, are unveiling the speakers at Sweet Spot STHLM where the Audiant SR35 loudspeaker will make its world premier.


Audiant SR35 Loudspeaker Starts Shipping

Audiant SR35 Floorstanding LoudspeakerToday we shipped the very first production version of our new Audiant SR35 loudspeaker, destined for Sweden... it was a proud moment and represented the culmination of a shared vision to be able to provide a complete audio solution to our customers.

Over the years our business partners have repeatedly asked our advice on matching loudspeakers for our products. The problem is not insignificant. A loudspeaker needs to feature the correct electrical, aesthetic and value proposition in order to be a good match for our amplifiers... whilst challenging, we have usually been able to assist. Perreaux is renowned for tight, detailed and engaging performances and in some instances our partners have found themselves in the difficult position of offering systems which were not optimally matched.

The Audiant SR35 is the perfect partner to the Audiant 80i integrated amp, or alternatively the DP32 preamp & 100p power amp combination. It is obvious from the moment you set eyes on the speaker that it is very much a part of the Audiant series.


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