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Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo 2011

Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo 2011The Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo was recently held in Moscow.  It is Russia's equivalent of CES and covers premium hi-fi as well as mobile & digital, photography, digital TV and audio/video.

Audiomania was in attendance representing Perreaux alongside some of their other lines, such as Waterfall and Penaudio loudspeakers, Nordost cables and Cold Ray vibration control.

On display was our Silhouette SXCD CD player, éloquence CDt transport with 250i integrated amplifier and Prisma 350 power amp.  The setup was mostly static with a lot of the gear not available for demonstration – in any case, it's still excellent exposure in Russia for the brands Audiomania represented at the show.

Audiomania have posted photos of Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo 2011 on Facebook, where you can see photos of their stand as well as coverage of other aspects of the show.

Congratulations Audiomania on what looked like a popular stand at a busy show.

Feedback from Shanghai International Show 2011

Audiant 80i Shanghai High-End Hi-Fi ShowOur room at the recent Shanghai International High-End Hi-Fi Show seemed to be well-received with many audiophiles liking what they heard.

The room was set up with our Prisma line of separates (CD1 CD player, SM6 MkII preamplifier350 power amplifier), while the Audiant 80i was used as a DAC for the playback of high-res 24-bit/96kHz material.

Other components used to complement our gear were Wilson Audio Duette loudspeakers, Transparent Audio speaker cables, Siltech interconnects, White Gold power cords and a power conditioner from ExactPower.


éloquence 250i & CDt Reviewed in South Africa

Perreaux eloquence 250i and CDtReviewed by: Deon Schoeman, South Africa

Command performance

I'd never heard of New Zealand high-end audio company Perreaux until Mike Blake of The Listening Room added the marque to his portfolio of imports, and the two components under review here arrived on the AVSA doorstep. In fact, Perreaux sounds more French, and certainly Continental, so to find out that the brand harks from Dunedin in New Zealand came as something of a surprise. The only reference to Dunedin I have is that they play some pretty fine rugby at Dunedin's Carisbrook stadium, also known as 'The House Of Pain' - as our Springboks have found out on various occasions...

Read the full review here: Review - 250i / CDt - Deon Schoeman - South Africa (PDF 884 KB)

éloquence CDt Transport Shipping Now

eloquence CDt CD TransportWow, how exciting, we've started shipping the éloquence CDt Compact Disc Transport. Shipments have already gone to France, South Africa, Taiwan, Singapore and New Zealand; with more to follow to Norway, Denmark, United Kingdom, United States, Chile, India and Hong Kong before Christmas. Boy do we have a busy couple of days ahead of us.

The éloquence CDt is the perfect partner to the éloquence 150i and 250i integrated amplifiers. When used with the digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) module internal to the amplifiers, the full potential of a dedicated éloquence system is realised.

Now, I can hear you thinking "that was cut and pasted straight from the marketing machine" – but the CDt really does complement the éloquence integrated amplifiers perfectly.

We totally weren't ready for the amount of detail the CDt extracted from the humble CD. The sound is immensely detailed and resolute, the amplifiers internal DAC module ensuring the sound remains musical, without hint of sounding clinical or dry.

Every time a CDt is on audio test, a little smile finds it's way across our faces and we're reminded how special the éloquence range of components are, what they represent for us and the formidable benchmarks they set for future developments.

Anyhow, now I'm getting all sentimental. Keep an eye out for the official press release from CES 2010 in Las Vegas early next month. In the meantime, check out the éloquence CDt Compact Disc Transport product page on our website.

Review - Silhouette SXCD CD Player

The recently released Silhouette Series SXCD Compact Disc Player achieves a Gold Award in the latest issue (Issue 63) of New Zealand hi fi and technology magazine Tone.

The SXCD inspired these words from reviewer Steve Smith:

"The music flows with a smooth, detailed delivery that can rival CD players costing twice the price..."

"I was flabbergasted at just how good the SXCD was..."

Read the SXCD Compact Disc Player review in it's entirety.

Issue 63 is on news-stands now, why don't you pop out and get yourself a copy...

New Product - Silhouette SXCD CD Player

We know you've all been eagerly awaiting a CD player to grace the Silhouette Series, and on a couple of occasions we have prematurely gotten your hopes up. But we're very pleased to announce that the Silhouette Series SXCD Compact Disc Player is at long last officially released.


NZ Created Musical Landscape

Recently, long-time audio enthusiast, Philip G made the sound decision to invest in an all New Zealand hi fi audio system. Consisting of Image loudspeakers, Slinkylinks cables and Perreaux electronics.

Philip writes:

“I have four modes of listening to music. The first is sadly, when it is in the back ground – filling in the spaces around what else I am doing. Lets not talk about that mode, we all do it but there is no heart in it.


Silhouette Series CD player to be released July 23rd

Please accept our sincere apology for the protracted delay on the release of the much anticipated Silhouette Series SXCD two box CD player.

More than 2 years have gone into the development and finessing of this high quality unit, only to face unexpected delay on account of the discontinuation of critical components by one of our suppliers.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing however and we feel fortunate to have been made aware of this before releasing the unit. Nothing would have been worse than to have to make changes shortly after release. We have been busy selecting new components, relaying the PCB, and rewriting firmware.

Circle July 23rd on your calendar and write Perreaux SXCD next to it.

Silhouette SXCD CD Player : first images

The Silhouette SXCD CD player has been through yet another design change. After prototyping a singlebox solution we decided to go with a two-box solution instead.

To maintain the same front profile to match other products in the Silhouette range, the single-box solution had to be twice the depth of the other components. This didn’t fit with the sleek, minimalist lines of the Silhouette Series and hence the two-box solution was conceived.


Silhouette SXCD CD Player: groundbreaking engineering,, June release

Silhouette SXCD CD Player prototype pcbAt Perreaux we’ve decided to throw away the book and develop our own CD player from scratch. Unlike other audio manufacturers who simply use a standard commercially available CD mechanism, bolt in a power supply, hook up the interface and wrap it in a fancy case, we’ve gone back to engineering basics and developed something unique.

The new Silhouette SXCD CD transport will utilize the reliability and versatility of a computer CDROM, the performance of a high quality oscillator, and the idea of obtaining perfect digital data to provide the best possible platform for the SPDIF transmission and on-board DAC.


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