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Musical Robot

We thought you might enjoy knowing a little more about some of the myriad applications that Perreaux products are used for.


Marty's Fear of Ice

It's easy to become set in our ways. We have a large family and we have always struggled to find something we could enjoy together. Some months ago we tried ice speed skating lessons. The improvement in the children's ability has been dramatic since then and everyone looks forward to attending a weekly session.


It's a DNA World: Richard Dimbleby Lecture 2007

A few months ago the BBC invited Dr. J Craig Venter to speak on the role of DNA now and into the future. I was impressed by his vision for using genetic engineering to find solutions to many of mankind's most pressing issues.

Dr. Venter states:

"This area of research will enable us to create new fuels to replace oil and coal."

If you want to take a glimpse into the exciting world of DNA… Please take time to read this important lecture: A DNA-Driven World.

From Hi-Fi to Stereo: a brief history

In the 1920’s US companies, Bell Labs & Western Electric did most of the pioneering work behind the development of microphones, amplifiers and principles to do with the reproduction of sound.

In the period shortly after the Second World War, wartime developments created conditions for a major improvement of home-audio quality. New amplifier and loudspeaker designs were developed, featuring higher output power, improved frequency response and reduced distortion levels. These were coupled to similar improvements in loudspeakers which saw the emergence of separate tweeter and woofers interconnected by a crossover network.


High end hi fi amplifiers, preamplifiers, CD players, and other hi fi audio components made in New Zealand with pride since 1974.

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