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Silence: have you heard any lately?

si·lence [sahy-luh ns] (n.) - "absence of any sound or noise; stillness."

 I don't watch huge amounts of TV, however the occasional program can catch my attention. I usually have the volume on low and then use the remote to mute the sound when one of the many long commercial breaks comes along. As if 5 minutes of continuous advertisements for every 10 minutes of viewing were not enough, the station also turns up the volume to really try and command fullest attention. I say mute… better still get rid of the TV altogether!

So how about the sound of silence and have you heard any lately? To me it's more about isolating man-made from natural sounds. Loud audio systems, poor-quality housing crammed in close proximity, noisy cars, industry, you name it… It's getting very hard to get some peace and quiet these days. Take time out occasionally to get away from it all. Take a walk in the forest or on the beach. The sounds of nature, such as the wind in the trees or waves crashing on an empty beach, can work wonders and leave you feeling refreshed.

Earth, Wind and Fire : primal forces

It wasn’t that long ago that we were far more connected to our environment. Our links to primal forces have over time become increasingly tenuous. Many children today have no idea where milk and meat come from or that the wheat fields they speed past form the basic ingredient for bread. Getting your hands into the good earth is probably one of the best things you can do for your soul. If you really want to reconnect, try the smell of smoke from an outdoor brush fire, better still barbeque some meat on a skewer. The simple things in life are the still the best.

The Piano: creating instant atmosphere

Last weekend we noticed a piano offered for sale in our local newspaper. The owners had to move out that day so understandably they were keen to sell. On arrival we were greeted with an empty house apart from a piano and a very keen seller. For $200-00 and with free delivery thrown in we became the proud owner of an old German made masterpiece. I’m glad that we got the free delivery thrown in as just getting the piano off the truck and into the house was quite a mission. We had friends over for lunch that day and old skills were brushed off when one of our guests sat down and started to play….instant atmosphere.

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