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The Mother Lode

Our home town of Dunedin, New Zealand grew rich and powerful on account of gold being discovered in the 1800’s. Miners arrived on tall sailingships in their thousands, in search of the “mother lode” of gold which would transform them from rags to riches. Dunedin quickly grew to become the most significant centre of commerce.


45's vs. Single Downloads

45's vs. single downloadsThe years may roll by but we don't really change inside that much. Nothing rings truer than our tastes in music... I've met lots of people over the years and for most their music tastes remain anchored to a time in their life.

For many it is their teen and early adult years... I'm also testament to the stereotype. Whilst my tastes are broader than some... listening to 8 hours of music a day tends to expose you to mix of music.

Music may indeed be frozen in time for many, but the way they obtain it has undergone a revolution. When I was a teenager, a record store would sell 45's to cater for the buyer who wanted to purchase a single song.


Happy 40th and a Trip Down Memory Lane

It is with a certain amount of Kiwi pride that we announce that Perreaux has entered it's 40th year in business... 1974 - 2014.

Many of our customers were still a twinkle in their parents' eye back in 1974... when I stop to think about it... it does seem like an awfully long time ago! I wanted to take you back to a time not too distant from then and ask that you look at this news documentary on Perreaux taken around 1983 which was broadcast nationwide in New Zealand and the USA:


A Kiwi Christmas, School Holidays & Plum Jam

A Kiwi Christmas
Image credit: Anna Johnstone

Christmas is a special time... Being located in the Southern Hemisphere it's summer and also when we take our annual vacation. There's a touch of irony with a NZ Christmas. We decorate trees in our homes with fake baubles and fake snow etc. After festivities are over, we then all go off to the beach or have a game of cricket and a BBQ on the back lawn. It is a classic story of adapting to local conditions and what we have come to expect as being normal.

Annual holidays are often a challenge for families with young children such as ours. School is out for 6 long weeks... what to do with them for all that time?

We're planning to do as little as possible over the holidays and have learnt that children will sooner or later find worthwhile things to do that don't require our constant intervention... like go for a swim in the creek, visit the library, play games with each other and make huts etc.


Taking Positive Life Steps

Pieter playing chessGrowing up, my father was a constant companion, but a man of few words. We lived close to one another and for many years we would go for walks together where I would talk and he would listen. It was a cathartic process for me... someone to listen to my problems and in a way it really seemed to help. Dad never judged me or offered solutions... but was always a sympathetic ear. How I looked up to him... he was a real gentleman and a son couldn't have adored a father more.

Time waits for no man and Dad is now 85 and has for the past few years been afflicted with dementia. It just breaks my heart to visit him at the old folks home. His face lights up each time he sees me, but there is no longer a depth of understanding in his eyes. My mother passed away a couple of years ago from Alzheimers and now poor Dad has it too. It's a real challenge for loved ones to have to endure, as your parents slowly descend into a very dark place.


The Majesty of Analogue

Dunedin has very pronounced seasons... however this year has been an exception... summer has just gone on and on and on and we were beginning to wonder if it was ever going to rain. Our big underground water tank was almost empty and we had been counting the days before we had to order a tanker load of water. I had just planted 300 small flax and toi toi bushes to cover a newly formed bank... and we had been watering each one daily to ensure they didn't die.

The cool autumn season has finally arrived with a bang. We need to put hats and coats on now to take our dog Harry for his daily walk... the children complain a bit at first, but once we get walking, everything seems to come right and by the time we're back at the house, our jackets are often tied around our waists and cheeks are glowing.


30 Year Progress Report

30 Year Progress ReportMy wife, Vicki, and I took our children on an outing over the weekend. We bundled the kids into our people-mover and after a 20 min. trip we arrived outside the front door of Otago Settlers Museum. I just love our magical southern city called Dunedin. It was Sunday and we could park our car right next door to the museum for free. We could have spent a whole day looking over the many exhibits detailing our links to Dunedin's rich heritage. We were very impressed and even better it was entry by donation! If you're travelling to Dunedin... you must check out the Otago Settlers Museum.

One aspect which was clearly portrayed was the way we lived then as opposed to now. I could just imagine the first settlers arriving in Dunedin to an almost barren landscape. They had travelled for months on sailing ships in the knowledge that most were never to return or speak to their relatives again. The sense of making the most of the opportunity could not have been greater. There was certainly no soft landing, being forever cosseted in the ample bosom of the states welfare system as we have today. For these settlers it was find work, alternately plead for food and lodgings.


Trios & Triangles... The Power of Three

Trios and triangles... the power of threeI've listened to many quality stereo systems over the years, but even some of the best fail to appreciate the vital importance of the listening position. I enclose a shot of my system as a guideline. The image is taken from where I sit. You can see that I have placed my speakers in close proximity to the open fire in my library. The reasoning is that I am able to enjoy the warmth of the fire all the while reading and listening to music. To me this represents the perfect trio.


Dunedin is tops

I've previously written about our move to Dunedin from Auckland... well we are all really loving life down here... I like the people, geography, relaxed attitude and distinctive seasons.

Dunedin's weather is much better too, much less rain, with long hot dry summers and cooler weather where you get to wrap up snugly around open fires etc. All in all Dunedin is absolutely tops in my books. The Dunedin City Council must also like our enthusiasm for the place because... they've given us a spot on one of their websites... enjoy:

Dunedin – a sound choice for Perreaux Industries Ltd.

Merry Christmas

Here we go again... it's Christmas... please don't let the hype and ceremony get in the way, because for me, it's not about having the most lavish gifts, biggest leg of roast meat or finest laid table. For me Christmas is a time to kick back, relax with friends, family and think of others. In doing so, realising that maybe my problems and needs are not quite and big as I thought they were. It's also a time to enquire how others are getting on, get the neighbours over for a beer and a chat etc. I recall Christmases past when we were so busy running around to really appreciate the things that matter, like spending lots of time just hanging around catching up with family and appreciating for the smaller things. So do it... play cards, wash dishes together, tell stories, and most importantly... let your love for one another really shine...make it a special christmas...and come back to work in the new year feeling refreshed, relaxed, happy and rearing to go.


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