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Running Scared (2006)

Running ScaredFor over a decade Joey Gazelle (Paul Walker) has successfully juggled his conflicting roles as loving family man and low-ranking mobster. However, when Joey ignores the mob`s explicit instructions to dispose of the gun used in the fatal shooting of a corrupt cop during a bungled drugs operation, he unwittingly puts his loved ones in danger. Joey decides to stash the weapon in his own basement, just in case he should need some future collateral against his employers. Unfortunately, Joey`s 10 year old son, Nicky (Alex Neuberger) and his best friend, Oleg (Cameron Bright), stumble across the hidden gun. Worse still, Oleg decides to use it to shoot his physically abusive stepfather who also happens to be connected to the Russian Mafia. Thus Joey is forced to embark on a nightmarish 18-hour journey to find Oleg and the gun before his own gang, the Russians or the bent cop (Chazz Palminteri) hell-bent in profiting from the missing weapon, get there first.

Visit the official website, read a review or buy the DVD.

The Worlds Fastest Indian (2005)

The Worlds Fastest IndianDirector Roger Donaldson has created a cinematic masterpiece. The story of one mans relentless pursuit of speed, culminating in setting a world land speed record for motorcycles in his class. Based on the true story of New Zealand enthusiast Burt Monroe (Anthony Hopkins), the movie does an excellent job of portraying one mans dedication to achieve his lifelong ambition.

If you enjoy stories where the underdog beats out the big guys… you’ll just love this movie.

Poignant & inspirational. Highly recommended viewing for the entire family.

Visit the website of The Worlds Fastest Indian, read a review or buy the DVD.

Scarfies (1999)

ScarfiesWith our recent move down the country, we thought it appropriate to recommend this great movie filmed right here in Dunedin using local talent...

Five Scarfies (students at Otago University) move into an abandoned house, where they discover the basement full of marijuana. They sell the harvest for a quick profit and spend up big. But the infamous five are landed in serious shit when the angry crop-grower returns.

Panicking, they lock him in the basement. Forced to sort things out - they watch the rugby instead. But the pressure mounts and the Scarfies start to fall apart. Threats and accusations lead to violence. Is murder the only way out? All all, there's a mad man in the basement!

He's demanding money they haven't got. He'll kill them if he can.

Read a review or buy the DVD.


In My Fathers Den (2004)

In My Fathers DenThis New Zealand film revolves around a young woman in rural New Zealand who goes missing and a recently returned prodigal local who left and made good as a war zone photojournalist becoming the prime suspect.

As things unravel we discover all of the grubby little secrets and lies that are inherent in the small town and drove him away in the first place. It's a film with many twists and turns and red herrings and in that way it celebrates the complexity of human behaviour and the complications of family dynamics.

An engaging piece of cinema that is the match of anything Hollywood can produce for 10x the budget.

Visit the website for In My Fathers Den, read a review or buy the DVD.

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