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Audiant VP3 pre release Scoop

We are pleased to release further details of our new Audiant series VP3 moving magnet, moving coil phono pre amplifier. To follow are first images of the new VP3 along with notes covering our overall design philosophy and product features.


What's Under Development?

Want to enjoy audio at the very highest level of reproduction. A well set up and optimised phono system has the potential to achieve this.

It has been several years since we offered a dedicated phono pre amplifier in our line up, so we’ve had time to roll concepts around in our mouths and to test prototypes so our customers can realise further audible gains.


Limited Edition 40th Anniversary 250i

Limited Edition 40th Anniversary 250iLast year we promised limited edition models to celebrate our 40th Anniversary. The first amplifier to receive the limited edition 40th Anniversary treatment is the eloquence 250i integrated amplifier.

The 250i is already a stellar amplifier, having received a number of awards and outstanding reviews, but we couldn't help but challenge ourselves to see if we could enhance its magic.

We've spent countless hours tweaking the 250i, auditioning various capacitors, resistors, cables, connectors, ICs... the list goes on.


Audiant SR35 Loudspeaker Moves into Production

Audiant SR35 Loudspeaker with DP32 and 100pMoving the Audiant SR35 floorstanding loudspeaker from concept into production has been an exciting challenge. I'm exceptionally pleased with the Audiant SR35... at last a loudspeaker that not only is a perfect aesthetic match, but also specifically designed to extract the very highest level of detail and reproduction from the amplifiers in the Audiant range.

As some of you know, or heaven forbid have experienced first-hand, Perreaux dabbled with speakers in the late '70s. Producing, by today's standards, monstrosities such as the LR390 3-way loudspeaker, ML80 5-way loudspeaker, as well as commercial PA units like the Stagecraft IV bass bin, PE8 mid-range and HF4 high-frequency horn. Thankfully, times have changed!!


First Images of Audiant Series Loudspeaker

New Audiant loudspeakersWe wanted to release this information at the High End Show in Munich next month, but pics have already made their way out there... so here's a sneak preview.

For some time, we have been rolling around the concept of loudspeakers... and finally we've decided to do something. I'm certain that you will be as impressed as we are... they are sensational.


Perreaux Announces Release of 32-bit USB DAC Preamplifier


Perreaux Announces Release of 32-bit USB DAC Preamplifier

DUNEDIN, New Zealand (June 18, 2012) – Perreaux, a New Zealand designer and manufacturer of home audio equipment, announced the release of their new high resolution audio preamplifier, the Audiant DP32. A fully balanced analogue preamplifier with on-board 32-bit/192kHz DAC and asynchronous USB audio streaming, the Audiant DP32 is well-equipped to playback today’s high resolution digital music.

“The DP32 raises the bar both for sound performance and musical enjoyment,” said Martin van Rooyen, Perreaux managing director. “With ultra-low distortion and high dynamic range, the Audiant DP32 is ready to make your high resolution music sound the best it ever has.”


New 100W Power Amp Joins Audiant Range

New 100W Power Amplifier Joins Audiant RangeLast month we unveiled the Audiant DP32 DAC Preamplifier at T.H.E. Show in Las Vegas and the feedback to date has been very positive in anticipation of its arrival. Following the announcement we were inundated with people asking if there will be a power amp to match the Audiant DAC Preamp. At the time nothing was confirmed other than "yes, there will be a matching amp at some stage".

A lot can happen in a month and I'm very pleased to announce that a 100W power amplifier will be available to match the new DAC preamp and confirm that the Audiant 100p Stereo Power Amplifier will be shipping at the same time as the DP32 DAC Preamplifier. In conjunction with the DAC Preamp, the 100p will provide a wonderful pre/power combination for the Audiant range and is a logical step up from the Audiant 80i integrated amplifier.

With a few subtle tweaks over the 80i – 100W per channel, balanced input circuitry, increased smoothing capacitance, shunt regulation and power supply filtering; it is amazing what advancements are made in the level of transparency, detail and dynamics. The 80i integrated amp is an accomplished amplifier, as the reviews will attest, but this new power amp has raised the bar on what is possible in this category.

Check out the Audiant 100p Stereo Power Amplifier datasheet for a full run-down of features and specifications.

DAC Preamplifier Unveiled at CES

Audiant DAC Preamplifier Unveiled at CESBeing January, it's time for Las Vegas to get busy with CES and T.H.E. Show. This year we're super excited to be unveiling a brand new digital and analogue preamplifier in our Audiant range of audio components.

The new Audiant DAC Preamp features the latest Sabre32 Reference 32-bit DAC from ESS Technology and utilises fully balanced preamplifier circuitry from input to output.

Featuring 24-bit/192kHz asynchronous USB, an AES/EBU digital input and balanced XLR analogue inputs; the Audiant DAC Preamp is equipped to deliver a transparent and engaging sonic performance.

With dynamic range exceeding 140dB the Audiant DAC Preamplifier is a leader in its class, but more importantly, it allows the full potential of high definition 24-bit recordings to be realised.

Ultra-low total harmonic distortion ensures fine details are accurately resolved, providing new levels of clarity and precision afforded by 24-bit/192kHz recordings.

Add other aspects – including I2S re-clocking, discrete shunt regulators, direct coupled signal path and an estimated retail price of US$2995; and it's clear the Audiant DAC Preamp offers unsurpassed performance in this category.

Check out the Audiant DAC Preamplifier datasheet for a full run-down of features and specifications.

Come along to T.H.E. Show, room 4060 of the Flamingo Hotel, and audition the Audiant DAC Preamp yourself and witness firsthand why we are so excited by our new digital and analogue preamplifier.

Audiant 80i Unveiled

Audiant 80i Integrated AmplifierAt Perreaux, aspiration has never been a problem. Neither has execution. Our standards can be an issue but perseverance gets us up that mountain. So at Perreaux we have taken our strengths, overcome our weaknesses and have developed a stunning new amplifier.

It is with immense pride, satisfaction and even a little bit of love, that we bring to you AUDIANT 80i. We would like to say it was inspired by a cool blue day in Otago, or by the way clean linen flutters in a spring breeze. But it wasn't, it is another Perreaux product inspired by nothing more or less complex than MUSIC. An amplifier designed, engineered and manufactured to the highest standard by people who share your obsession with sound.

Arriving with a full array of inputs to suit almost any need, AUDIANT 80i will make the most out of any source you care to attach. Multiple digital connections to the internal DAC, make computer based integration easy, while the refined and composed onboard phono stage allows you to continue enjoying vinyl playback.

A Hi-Fi component that has all the control and finesse that people have come to expect from Perreaux aligned with a sleek and thoroughly modern look. AUDIANT 80i is our graceful combination of form and function, expertise and precision. When it was finished, we stood back and realised that we didn't just hit the target. We split the arrow.

EDIT: We've added a few more images to our Flickr page, take a peek.

éloquence Transport Prototype

eloquence TransportSince the release of the éloquence 150i and 250i integrated amplifiers we've been working feverishly to bring you a transport – which not only matches the amplifiers aesthetically but also integrates seamlessly and complements their open and natural sound.

We're proud to say that a prototype of the éloquence Transport will be winging it's way to the US this coming Monday to make its presence felt at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2009 early next month.

Designed to provide the optimal digital interface to the internal digital to analogue converter (DAC) available for the 150i or 250i integrated amplifiers, the éloquence Transport delivers every subtle detail and nuance without falter while reinforcing the clean, natural and open signature of the DAC and amplifiers.


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