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Hifi & Records Reviews Radiance R200i Integrated Amp

German hifi magazine 'Hifi & Records' has reviewed the Radiance R200i Integrated Amplifier in their February issue.

If you can read German and stumble upon this magazine at your local newsstand, be sure to pick up a copy and read this review of the Radiance R200i Integrated Amplifier.

Hifi4All Reviews Radiance R200i Integrated Amp

Our Danish distributor Soren Vittrup from AUDIOcompagniet arranged an excellent review, on reputable Danish hi fi website HIFI4ALL.DK, of the Radiance R200i Integrated Amplifier.

Please read the R200i Integrated Amplifier review in it's entirety.

If anybody feels the need to translate this review into English, it would be greatly appreciated and we are extremely interested in reading what reviewer Mikkel Gige had to say. Reviews Radiance R200i Integrated Amp

The Radiance R200i 200W Integrated Amplifier was recently reviewed by Robert van Waes for online hi fi and audio forum

The R200i comes strongly recommended by Robert, following are a few of the things he had to say about the R200i:

"Not only is the R200i very quick and open, it is also completely transparent and has natural, musical, light feet."


Big is Beautiful: the case for powerful amplifiers

There’s no point in using a pint sized amp and bookshelf speakers in a hall and expecting a great sound. There’s a correct loudspeaker and amplifier for every room. Large amplifiers and loudspeaker combinations have the potential of delivering a higher quality of sound than their smaller counterparts. So what are the advantages of powerful amplifiers?


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