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2014 Munich High End Audio Show report

There is an old song which goes.... 

"it's a long long way to Tipperary".

With a total travel time in excess of 25 hours between New Zealand and Germany, it would have to rank amongst the longest air journeys in the world. We had exhibited at Munich in 2013, so we felt this time around it was ok to sit this one out. In our abscence, our German distributor,  Genuin Audio did a superb job of exhibiting Perreaux and their other lines.


Otago Home Show 2014

Otago Home Show 2014On a whim, we exhibited at the local Otago Home Show over the weekend, giving local people the opportunity to see what we are all about.

I was surprised to meet so many people who enjoyed music but, because of the relentless march of technology over the past 30 years, had become confused, lost and simply given up along the way.

It was nice to have the opportunity of re-introducing them to their music and I felt we won quite a few hearts in the process.


SR35 Loudspeaker Well Received at Premier

Audiant SR35 Loudspeaker Premier Sweet Spot StockholmThe Sweetspot Stockholm audio fair, held over the weekend in Sweden, saw the world premier of our brand spanking new Audiant SR35 loudspeaker.

We shipped the first pair of SR35 loudspeakers to our Swedish distributor Wiktors to make their world premier at the popular Swedish audio show. The loudspeakers were finished in gorgeous satin white (the Scandinavians would have it no other way!!).

For a week prior to the Sweetspot show Joacim Eriksson, Wiktors' home entertainment product manager, listened to the SR35 loudspeakers and was totally impressed, saying the speakers look great and sound amazing.


West German Hifi Days 2013

West German Hifi Days 2013Earlier this month the Audiant DP32 USB DAC and 100p power amp made their German premier at Westdeutsche HiFi Tage (West German Hifi Days) along with AudioSolutions Rhapsody 80 speakers and cables from swisscables.

Unfortunately we couldn't make it along, although Thomas from Genuin Audio Vertrieb, the exclusive Perreaux distributor in Germany, said "the fair was a huge success" and that the DP32 and 100p were very well received on their inaugural German outing.

The acoustics in the wee hotel room were quite difficult, which is usually the case at any show, although Thomas spent a lot of time getting the sound just right and in the end was very happy with the result - a high resolution sound that was open, dynamic and natural.


Trip to Munich High End 2013

High End Munich 2013The best aspect of travel is experiencing how the other half live. Munich 2013 is a good opportunity to gain insights and to stop by distributors in other countries on the way to and from Germany. My first stop leaving New Zealand was Hong Kong.

Hong Kong

HK is a seething megalopolis alive... buildings, cars, people and construction cranes are everywhere. The dynamic pace of life is quite an experience and being a part of its vibrancy is invigorating. Our HK distributor and his Chinese business partner spared no effort; taking care of everything for me. In return, I tried my best to listen and respond to the points they raised..


Paris High End 2011 Show Report

Paris High End 2011 Show ReportThe Paris High End Show 2011 was a great success.  Our French distributor, DEA International, commented that the level of interest in Perreaux was very pleasing, particularly in the Audiant 80i integrated amplifier.

DEA International's Chef de Produit, Jean Philippe, gives a video overview of the Audiant 80i from the Paris High End Show (video courtesy of

French speaker manufacturer Atohm demonstrated their GT 1.0 speakers with Perreaux electronics. In coverage of the show by, Pierre Stemmelin said that Perreaux and Atohm were among the best sounding systems of the show (that's if Google Translate is anything to go by).


Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo 2011

Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo 2011The Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo was recently held in Moscow.  It is Russia's equivalent of CES and covers premium hi-fi as well as mobile & digital, photography, digital TV and audio/video.

Audiomania was in attendance representing Perreaux alongside some of their other lines, such as Waterfall and Penaudio loudspeakers, Nordost cables and Cold Ray vibration control.

On display was our Silhouette SXCD CD player, éloquence CDt transport with 250i integrated amplifier and Prisma 350 power amp.  The setup was mostly static with a lot of the gear not available for demonstration – in any case, it's still excellent exposure in Russia for the brands Audiomania represented at the show.

Audiomania have posted photos of Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo 2011 on Facebook, where you can see photos of their stand as well as coverage of other aspects of the show.

Congratulations Audiomania on what looked like a popular stand at a busy show.

Feedback from Shanghai International Show 2011

Audiant 80i Shanghai High-End Hi-Fi ShowOur room at the recent Shanghai International High-End Hi-Fi Show seemed to be well-received with many audiophiles liking what they heard.

The room was set up with our Prisma line of separates (CD1 CD player, SM6 MkII preamplifier350 power amplifier), while the Audiant 80i was used as a DAC for the playback of high-res 24-bit/96kHz material.

Other components used to complement our gear were Wilson Audio Duette loudspeakers, Transparent Audio speaker cables, Siltech interconnects, White Gold power cords and a power conditioner from ExactPower.


CES and T.H.E. Show 2011

Perreaux and Harbeth at T.H.E. Show 2011It’s a massively exciting time for us at Perreaux; we have got AUDIANT 80i tucked under our belts and are getting the chance to show it to the world at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.  All I needed to do was get my bag packed, my suit dry-cleaned and get to the airport on time.  I have never been to Vegas but I’ve seen Casino about 100 times, I got Keith Richard’s biography for Christmas, every Stones album on my iPod and I’m ready to eat some chicken fried chicken, whatever that may be.

After a plane ride to LAX, a shuttle ride to the Greyhound terminal in East LA and a seven-hour bus ride to Vegas, I checked into my hotel.  Put on some sneakers and go for a walk to try and find the Flamingo Hotel where The High End (T.H.E.) Show is going to be held. Not hard to find due to it being a huge 30 storey building with a massive pink sign that says Flamingo. That wasn’t the problem; the problem was once I got inside how to find anything. These places are vast and not designed to help you find anything except a way to spend money. That evening I couldn’t find the Perreaux room but I could have purchased an Elvis monopoly set, a yard glass full of cocktail or a person.

Thursday was the first day of CES and T.H.E. Show, the calm before the storm of the weekend. Arriving at 9am I found... the room was locked and my cell phone wasn’t going to play ball with American air. Then one of our rooms opened up. Walter, the US distributor for Perreaux, had two rooms booked at T.H.E. Show, mine was still locked but that gave me time to meet John and Holger.

John Park is based in Korea, his company Pyon Sound have produced a turntable that should have its own gravity, one of the most beautiful pieces I saw at T.H.E. Show.  Holger Stein, surprisingly, from Germany, gave me my first massive geek out moment.  Holger was there with his beautiful speakers, amazing room treatment Harmonizers and his Masterclass Amp.  When I met him I expressed my love for German music from the 60’s onwards – Can, Faust, Guru Guru, etc...  He told me that when he was young he saw Guru Guru play many times and that they were as wild as they sound.  I asked Holger where in Germany he was from and he told me that he was 10km from Düsseldorf; I got all nerdy and started babbling about Kraftwerk.  He fixed me with his gaze, maybe anticipating my woolly headed freak-out, and said “Ja, I know those guys, Florian, Ralf, sometimes I go to Kling Klang, when I am a teenager.”  This is like telling a movie fan about how you know the Coen Brothers. I was actually speechless.


Harvey Norman Evening a Huge Success

Audiant 80i Integrated Amplifier Front ObliqueIt looked nice and well set up, carefully arranged and sounding good.  After the carrying, plugging, unplugging and pointing had given way to smiles, closed eyes and head nodding, it was obvious all the hard work had been well worth it.

At 5.30pm on Monday 13th of December at the Wellesley Boutique Hotel in Wellington, Hugo Van Son, Audio Visual Manager of Harvey Norman Tory Street, and I, were looking at each other wondering if an evening of hi-fi demos in 2010 was actually a good idea.  Was hi-fi still a thing that could capture the public’s attention?  Or were we living in the past, some of the last men on the ramparts championing good sound over convenience?


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