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SXV2 Earns Best Buy Award

Review - Silhouette SXV2 Phono Preamplifier - magazine recently reviewed our Silhouette SXV2 Phono Preamplifier where it earned their Best Buy award.

In conclusion they found the SXV2:

“Realistic, detailed, lively, dynamic and at the same time extremely comfortable sound made the Silhouette SXV2 the clear leader of our phono stage test.”

 If your Russian is a bit sketchy, read a translation of their SXV2 phono preamplifier review in English.

Dunedin's Biggest Audio Event

In association with Harvey Norman, we're holding Dunedin’s biggest ever audio event. We will be in-store this weekend (Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th May) from 9am to 5:30pm with demonstrations available on our Silhouette, éloquence, Prisma and Audiant lines.

We'll be available to answer any questions you may have and to show you through our range – from the new Audiant 80i integrated amplifier to the mighty Prisma SM6 MkII preamp & 350 power amp combo.

Christchurch based loudspeaker manufacturer Theophany will also be demonstrating their exquisite loudspeaker range over the weekend. Garth will be doing his legendary home theatre demonstration – this is one demo you do not want to miss.

So drop by over the weekend, say g'day and experience world-class audio systems designed and built right here in New Zealand.

Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo 2011

Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo 2011The Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo was recently held in Moscow.  It is Russia's equivalent of CES and covers premium hi-fi as well as mobile & digital, photography, digital TV and audio/video.

Audiomania was in attendance representing Perreaux alongside some of their other lines, such as Waterfall and Penaudio loudspeakers, Nordost cables and Cold Ray vibration control.

On display was our Silhouette SXCD CD player, éloquence CDt transport with 250i integrated amplifier and Prisma 350 power amp.  The setup was mostly static with a lot of the gear not available for demonstration – in any case, it's still excellent exposure in Russia for the brands Audiomania represented at the show.

Audiomania have posted photos of Consumer Electronics & Photo Expo 2011 on Facebook, where you can see photos of their stand as well as coverage of other aspects of the show.

Congratulations Audiomania on what looked like a popular stand at a busy show.

Silhouette SXV2 Phono Preamplifier Reviewed


Review by: Mr. Mikkel Gige of HIFI4ALL online magazine, Denmark
Original review:
Translated by: Mr. Soren Vittrup, Audiocompagniet, Denmark

The Perreaux Silhouette SXV2 not much larger than the "Da Vinci Code" and yet it is surprisingly well equipped. I have become acquainted with the design when I reviewed the two-part CD player from the same series. The cabinet is made of profiled steel plate and the front consists of a one-piece curved aluminium extrusion with the Perreaux logo milled into it. Apart from the logo, you will only find a small blue LED on the front panel.


Silhouette SXV2 Reviewed in Germany

LP - Magazin für analoges HiFi & Vinyl-KulturGerman specialist analogue hi fi magazine 'lp' recently reviewed the Silhouette SXV2 Phono Preamplifier in their 2/2009 issue.

Duck out to your local German magazine shop to pick up a copy in the flesh, or take the easy route and stump up €4,30 to download the 2/2009 issue from their website...  Although, you'll need to scrub up on your German.

The SXV2 inspired these words from reviewer Holger Barske:

“Perhaps one of the musical chip phono preamps ever. The Perreaux plays in detail, light, charming, almost with a little tube charm. The easy handling and extensive customization to speak also for the New Zealand import.”

Translation courtesy of Google Translate.


A Bookshelf Amp?

SX25i Integrated AmplifierWith the measurements of 216mm x 58mm x 192mm (8.5” x 2.3” x 7.6”) this Perreaux SX25i integrated amplifier is above all - NOT A MACHO! So the idea for above picture came quite easy – I would not want to miss this motive, simply too close is the association "pocket amp".

Not only the measurements, but also the power of the Perreaux SX25i with it’s 25 watt into 8 Ohm, don't really show this amp as a “heavyweight”. So this amp might not deliver enough punch to fill big lofts with sound, but smaller up to medium-sized rooms will rarely need more power. Only if they use speakers with a very low degree of efficiency, which would fulminate too much of the little power this nice amp delivers. A medium-sized room with a pair of sensitive compact speakers is my idea of a perfect ambience for this little Perreaux. Maybe the “library room”?


Fait Accompli

Now that the Silhouette series is complete, it's a good time to look at what it can offer. From the inception of the series, our focus has always been on extracting every last grain of detail and to provide the highest level of performance available.


Silhouette Series in Situ: pictures speak a thousand words

Silhouette Series on kitchen bench

We have recently taken a series of photographs focusing on the Silhouette series.

Please feel free to browse through a selection of the images:


Review - Silhouette SXCD CD Player

The recently released Silhouette Series SXCD Compact Disc Player achieves a Gold Award in the latest issue (Issue 63) of New Zealand hi fi and technology magazine Tone.

The SXCD inspired these words from reviewer Steve Smith:

"The music flows with a smooth, detailed delivery that can rival CD players costing twice the price..."

"I was flabbergasted at just how good the SXCD was..."

Read the SXCD Compact Disc Player review in it's entirety.

Issue 63 is on news-stands now, why don't you pop out and get yourself a copy...

New Product - Silhouette SXCD CD Player

We know you've all been eagerly awaiting a CD player to grace the Silhouette Series, and on a couple of occasions we have prematurely gotten your hopes up. But we're very pleased to announce that the Silhouette Series SXCD Compact Disc Player is at long last officially released.


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