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  • Adele

    Get into the zone with Adele

    • 26 Nov, 2016
    • Perreaux

    Adele is coming to NZ...... quickest concert sellout in NZ history. I played one of her signature songs.....when I'm listening in the zone....owch she's searingly good.

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  • Giant Killer

    Is the Audiant VP3 Phono Pre .... A Giant Killer?

    Glowing reviews continue to pour in from around the world .... does the Audiant VP3 sit among the elite and could it be a legendary... 'Giant Killer'?

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  • Hello Sailor

    Big Bump

    • 21 Oct, 2016
    • Perreaux

    It's Friday and we're playing a bit of 'Hello Sailor', loud and up close on a shortly to be shipped pair of SR58 loudspeakers in Mahogany. Damn these speakers rock! So in contrast to a few previous is "Big Bump'.... Powerful Music!

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  • Dream with Dean

    Charles Lee, No, '1 of 10' top Audiophile recordings

    • 19 Oct, 2016
    • Perreaux

    Charles Lee of Melbourne based, Audiophile Reference Recordings has kindly agreed to provide Perreaux with his 'Top Ten' all time audiophile recording picks. We are thrilled to bring you this in accordance with his company.

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  • Guilty

    Singing in harmony

    • 4 Oct, 2016
    • Perreaux

    Barbara Streisand and Barry Gibb are no strangers to the music scene. Lest we forget, here is a gem sung in beautiful harmony from the past.

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  • BMC Wholesale Showroom

    Perreaux system on display in Melbourne, Australia

    Our Australian agent has recently received a pair of our Audiant series SR35 loudspeakers and they are extremely impressed.

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  • U2

    A classic from U2

    • 29 Sep, 2016
    • Perreaux

    Lest we ever forget. here is a classic from U2. I love the way it slowly builds and builds. What an incredible song.

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  • Audisnt SR35 and pre power

    Loudspeaker ratings and how to match them to your amplifier

    There are several key loudspeaker ratings which when understood will enable you to match to any amplifier.

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  • Audiant 80i phono input

    Connecting a stand alone phono preamp to your Audiant 80i amplifier

    You own the Audiant 80i integrated amplifier with its on board MM phono pre amplifer input. Increasingly you've developed a desire for a serious turntable and off board phono pre amplifer to bolster your enjoyment of vinyl. So how easy is it to achieve?

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  • Quality

    Aspirational quality

    • 27 Sep, 2016
    • Perreaux

    It's easy to gloss over something as important as quality when considering the purchase of your audio products. So lets take a moment to consider its broader implications.

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  • Moonlight


    • 23 Sep, 2016
    • Perreaux

    Sometimes, you hear a track and it has something special about it. Moonlight by Endorphin is a track that has an X factor.

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  • VP3

    Audiant VP3 off to the UK to be reviewed

    Collection is scheduled for today to jet the Audiant VP3 phono pre amplifier to the UK to be reviewed.

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  • Glen Campbell

    A Rhinestone Cowboy with Alzheimer's.

    • 16 Sep, 2016
    • Perreaux

    Dad had an 8 track stereo system in his car, and was very fond of playing Glen Campbell's greatest hits. You remember, Rhinestone Cowboy, By the time I get to Phoenix, Galveston, Wichita Lineman and the hits just went on and on. Glen Campbell sold an incredible 50,000,000 albums during his career.

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  • The King

    The King of our integrated amp lineup ... off to the UK

    I thought it might be nice for you to have a close up look at the Eloquence 250i integrated amplifier which is shortly stepping on a flight to the UK. Really it doesn't get much better than the Eloquence 250i. We consider it to be The King of our integrated amp lineup.

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  • SR58 black on black

    SR58 speakers off to Christchurch

    More of our SR58 are shipping...this time just up the road to Christchurch.

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  • SR58 in Dark Marble

    A passage to India

    We have just completed a pair of our flagship SR58 loudspeakers to be shipped to an exotic destination.

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  • Pink Floyd

    Pink Floyd

    • 4 Aug, 2016
    • Perreaux

    Words can't describe this....enjoy

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  • Midnight Oil

    Blue Sky Mine

    • 2 Aug, 2016
    • Perreaux

    Midnight Oil are a great Aussie band that need no further introduction. So here is one of their very finest. I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did. Peter Garret was one heck of a front man.

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  • True Colours

    True Colours

    • 28 Jul, 2016
    • Perreaux

    We Kiwis also have a very rich vein of musical history to mine. I'm drawn to Split Enz and their great album 'True Colours'...So many memories come flooding in whenever I play it.

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  • Jimmy Barnes


    • 25 Jul, 2016
    • Perreaux

    Our Aussie cousins across the ditch have got more than a few good men amongst their ranks. I'm drawn to Jimmy Barnes and band ,'Cold Chisel', who over the years has been known to belt out some of my all time favourite ballads. Kiwi Perreaux amps think you're all right!

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