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éloquence 150i Integrated Amplifieréloquence 250i Integrated Amplifieréloquence CDt Compact Disc TransportThe éloquence range includes all the hallmarks of Perreaux design – high power, authoritative speaker control, MOSFET output devices, low distortion and solid build-quality.

At the heart of the éloquence amplifiers are custom-designed high-current toroid power transformers, with an XQ core and magnetic shielding to provide low electrical and mechanical noise.

Low-impedance power supplies, along with MOSFET output devices and Class-A signal stages ensure the éloquence integrated amplifiers are dynamic, commanding and resolute.

The effortless power delivery of the éloquence amplifiers and ultra-low distortion and noise levels result in a naturally clean and open presentation with the airy space, seamless depth and precise imaging expected from high end amplifiers.

An intuitive user interface allows control of the extensive range of features and settings for seamless integration into any hi fi or home theatre system, whilst serving as a constant reminder of the meticulous craftsmanship of the éloquence amplifiers.

Optional internal 24-bit/192kHz Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC) and Moving Magnet/Moving Coil (MM/MC) Phono Preamplifier modules ensure complete integration of digital source components (such as network music servers and set-top digital receivers), as well as turntables, into a high-performance system.

Are you interested in listening to éloquence, find your nearest dealer to experience the éloquence range of hi fi audio products for yourself.


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