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R200i 200W Stereo Integrated Amplifier

User Controls

Interactive Menu System
Infrared (IR) Remote Control
Standby Button
Volume Up/Down
Mute On/Off

I/O Compliment

1 pair Balanced Inputs (XLR)
4 pairs Unbalanced Inputs (RCA)
1 pair Unbalanced Line Outputs (RCA)
1 pair Unbalanced Preamplifier Outputs (RCA)
2 pairs Binding Posts per channel
1 Master Remote Input (5–12VDC)
2 Slave Remote Outputs (12VDC)

More General Features

Highest-Grade Double-Sided Printed Circuit Boards

All printed circuit boards utilised within the R200i are constructed from the highest-grade fiberglass base stock. Tracks are etched from 2oz copper. This provides added stability under variable thermal or electrical loads and assures maximum signal integrity, separation and product life.

Minimal Internal Wiring

Meticulous attention to the overall design and placement of each component has resulted in an internal environment that is virtually devoid of all internal wiring.

Ultra Short Signal Path

Careful attention has been paid to the signal path within the amplifier. It is ultra short and very carefully routed to avoid power components and digital lines.

Thermal Management System

Comprehensive thermal monitoring. Left and right heat sink temperature (Cº) is displayed in real time on the display. These variables are utilised by the microprocessor for individual channel over-temperature monitoring and protection.

Non-Magnetic Components Used for the Chassis and Cover

The chassis and all associated metalwork have been manufactured from high quality grade aluminum and acrylic. These high quality non-magnetic components negate the possibility of harmful circulating eddy currents building up within the amplifier.

Directly Soldered Preamplifier Inputs and Outputs

Preamplifier inputs and outputs are directly soldered to the printed circuit board. There are no connecting cables to increase parasitic inductance, capacitance and resistance.

Highly Customisable

The R200i is highly user configurable. Options to assign input labels, balance, initial volume, maximum volume, brightness, display timeout, energy saver, speaker B and last input used, provide maximum flexibility to the user. All user settings are retained in non-volatile EEPROM.

Home Theater Integration

The preamplifier bypass function enables effortless integration into a home theater system.

Two-Volume Level Instruction Set

The R200i can be programmed with two volume level instruction sets. The first set applies a default to the switch on volume level. The second applies a limit to the maximum setting of the volume control.

Dual Ramp Speed Volume Control

The volume control ramps upward from 0 to 59 in approximately 10 seconds and downward from 59 to 0 in approximately 5 seconds.

Smart Mute

The muting function integrates seamlessly with the volume control. Under normal conditions, depressing mute will completely attenuate the volume control. While in mute mode the user can reduce the volume level (volume –), so that when volume is restored it will recommence at the reduced setting. This action will not alter the mute function. Conversely if the volume level is increased (volume +), this instantaneously overrides any mute action and increases the volume setting from its pre-mute state.

Large Format Alphanumeric Vacuum Fluorescent Display

The R200i display is a sharp and bright alphanumeric vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) featuring a 2-line/16-character display. The software has been utilised to provide double-height digits, a bar graph of volume, the input currently selected and other settings and options.

Adjustable Display Lighting

The display of the R200i can be adjusted to suit ambient room conditions, 4 adjustable settings are available. Alternately the display lighting can be switched off.

Remote On/Off

The R200i and connected peripherals can be remotely switched on and off.

Energy Saver Feature

There are eight internal timers available that enable the amplifier to run for a period of time then power down into standby mode. These range from 1 hour through to 2 days.


Your distributor is capable of upgrading the software contained on both amplifier and remote handset via a connected PC. This protects and future-proofs your investment in the Perreaux R200i.


General Features

Remote Controller

Fully Featured

Full control of the amplifier, and connected Perreaux "Radiance" series peripherals is possible with the custom designed 36-button remote controller.

LED Indication

Each time a key is depressed, a LED representing the selected source is illuminated briefly. This greatly avoids confusion.

Compact and Ergonomic

Designed to sit snugly in the palm of your hand, the remote is compact, comfortable to hold and practical to use.


The remote is constructed from high quality cast zinc and acrylic materials.

Custom Designed and Built

The remote has been custom designed and built by the Perreaux engineers and befits the "Radiance" series perfectly.



By eliminating the interface between separate pre and power amplifiers and removing concerns about impedance matching, the R200i provides a shorter, purer signal path without costly exposed interconnect cables and separate power cords.


The front panel is carved from 10mm (0.39") thick aluminium, and then heavily electroplated in either a Satin or Black Chrome finish. Particular attention has been paid to every aspect of the product styling. All control functions and display settings are accessed from within the central ellipse on the front panel. The cover is made from high gloss black acrylic.


At 430mm wide x 105mm high x 340mm deep (16.9" x 4.1" x 13.4"), the R200i is extremely compact.

Highly Powered

Capable of continuously delivering 200Wrms into 8Ω(360Wrms into 4Ω), the R200i is highly powered. Utilising six very high current Toshiba MOSFETs per channel, the R200i handles even the most difficult loads with ease.

Separate Left and Right Channel Power Supplies (Dual Mono)

Featuring dual mono construction. There are two separate toroidally wound power supplies, rectification and smoothing sections. This topology maintains maximum channel separation independent of load.

Dual Capacitive Smoothing

Four filter capacitors (40,000uF per channel, 80,000uF total) per channel are coupled in parallel to reduce power supply resistance. The power supply is extremely rigid, capable of delivering huge amounts of power instantaneously. The sonic benefits of a power supply as high a quality as the R200i has, are significant, resulting in effortless reproduction of dynamic contrast as well as stable and detailed stereo imaging.

Separate Control Power Supply

All user interface digital and control circuits’ source their power from an isolated DC supply. The supply features a custom wound, multi tap toroidal transformer directly soldered to the PCB. By incorporating a separate control supply, it minimises the possibility of noise entering the audio circuitry.

Separate Preamplifier Power Supply

The preamplifier section is also powered from it’s own separate low voltage supply, thereby further reducing the possibility of noise entering the audio circuitry.

Large High Quality Binding Posts/Speaker B Selector

The output of the amplifier features two pairs of high quality binding posts per channel that enables two separate zones to be controlled. Alternately at the touch of a button they can be internally coupled, and used for bi-wiring a single pair of speakers.

Sophisticated Protection Package

The R200i features a sophisticated protection package for the amplifier and connected load. Protection covering; supply (soft charge), clipping, over-current, over-temperature, DC offset, internal AC supply and DC fuse protection.

Non-Invasive Protection

The protection is non-invasive and therefore will not alter or degrade the signal path.

Full DC Coupling

The amplifier is fully DC coupled from the preamplifier input terminals to the speaker binding posts.

Totally Microprocessor Controlled

All functions are managed by a powerful onboard microprocessor.

Full Information

In the event that the amplifier protects itself, the user is fully informed of any activity via the display.

Optional Modules

Moving Coil/Magnet Phono Stage

The R200i features a very high quality phono stage option, incorporating RIAA equalization and selectable input impedance, gain and capacitance.

USB Connection

This option facilitates the streaming of music directly from your computer’s hard disc drive. Incorporating a very high-resolution digital to analog converter (DAC) module, this option is designed to further enhance your flexibility and enjoyment with the R200i.


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