Silhouette CD Player update

“THE BEAST IS ALIVE!!” The lever has been thrown and the alpha prototype of the Silhouette CD player has fired to life. Cue scene; Anakin’s mask is sealed and Darth Vader breathes his first breath…

Much like Darth Vader at this point, ‘project tango’ (model name TBA) is far from perfect and requires a lot of polishing. Maybe, just maybe, we will need to call on the dark-side.

Designed to compliment and enhance the existing Silhouette line-up, the much anticipated release of the Silhouette CD player will enable users to tailor an end-to-end electronics solution from the Silhouette series.

With ‘project tango’ up and running, we have many many long nights ahead and we can be thankful that our move to the deep south has resulted in longer and sunnier evenings. Expect the release of the Silhouette CD player to be in the 2nd quarter of 2006.

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