Nearfield Acoustics: The new sonic frontier of stereo reproduction

Raising a family rates as one of life’s greatest challenges and one thing most would happily agree on, is there’s never enough hours in the day! As a result cherished hobbies and pastimes that you’ve enjoyed pre-creation have had to be put on indefinite hold. With screaming kids tearing around the house, playing computer games and jumping on the furniture, you’ve long ago given up trying to find a little peace and quiet, let alone that elusive sweet listening spot! Meanwhile at work, you’re sitting at your desktop trying to get through a huge workload but are constantly being distracted by the endless office blather, comings and goings and stupid charley horse worker antics.

Sometimes we secretly wish we could enjoy the best of both worlds…a bit of the old having our cake and eating it too! So just occasionally we let loose and indulge in a bit of discretionary spending. You know... the new car, boat, stereo and skiing vacation moments in our lives. Hey “you’re worth it” right!

Maybe you’ve already tried listening through plastic monitors which in turn are being powered by a cheap PC based amplifier and DAC combo. Well it’s time to get a life, because the difference between that and the Perreaux Silhouette modules is like comparing a steamroller to a rocket! With the new Perreaux Silhouette series, you’ll create a sound so focused and tight; you may just experience a life defining moment!

Hello... Nearfield Acoustics

Introducing the new Perreaux SX25i 25W Integrated Amplifier, SXD2 USB DAC and SXH2 Headphone Amplifier... some of the coolest high end audio products on the planet! Now you can enjoy the best of both worlds with these exciting low cost high end modules from Perreaux specifically designed to reproduce a nearfield experience that’s so good, you’ll break out in goose bumps when you hear them.

For some, the solution has been obvious as we’re already spending so much of our lives at work or at home in front of the computer, why don’t we enjoy it a bit more. Now at last with a nearfield audio system powered by Perreaux you can tune out, sharpen up and blast through your workload. Nearfield acoustics... Bliss!

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