Scarfies (1999)

  • 10 Aug, 2005
  • Perreaux
  • Movie

ScarfiesWith our recent move down the country, we thought it appropriate to recommend this great movie filmed right here in Dunedin using local talent...

Five Scarfies (students at Otago University) move into an abandoned house, where they discover the basement full of marijuana. They sell the harvest for a quick profit and spend up big. But the infamous five are landed in serious shit when the angry crop-grower returns.

Panicking, they lock him in the basement. Forced to sort things out - they watch the rugby instead. But the pressure mounts and the Scarfies start to fall apart. Threats and accusations lead to violence. Is murder the only way out? All all, there's a mad man in the basement!

He's demanding money they haven't got. He'll kill them if he can.

Read a review or buy the DVD.


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