Diamond Lights: Perreaux relocates to Dunedin

New Zealand during the 50’s, 60’s was a great place to live as we were able to sell all the agricultural products we could produce to the United Kingdom. Life began to change rapidly when the UK joined the European Common Market. New Zealand no longer had unlimited access for its exports and the country began the painful transition to becoming a “market driven economy”.


The transition years were pretty tough, however more recently NZ has come of age and begun to regain its composure and confidence as an market driven open economy and once again able to hold it’s own.

Just like a country with a healthy economy and a high standard of living, achieving balance in your personal life is about finding and maintaining the correct ratio between work and leisure, finances, mood, relationships etc.

When people talk about the economic health of a country most refer to the growth in the economy. Forecasters will say… “the economy grew by so many % this year”. If you remove the inflation percentage and the amount that the population increased, the remainder is the net increase in wealth. For most inhabitants this figure is close to zero!

An increasing population tends to put pressure on existing inhabitants, their living environment and infrastructure. Examples of this are increased traffic, tighter living and working environments and increased prices as demand exceeds supply. What many fail to adequately take account of is that past a certain point, increases in population directly relates to a decrease in “quality of life” for the original inhabitants.

More preferable surely must be an increase in GDP without an accompanying increase in population. If this is not possible then an alternate strategy is to maintain current GDP and relocate to an area with an increased quality of life! Hence our move to Dunedin.


Cities can grow to become larger than their forefathers envisaged. As more and more people arrive, a city it can unwittingly become a victim of its own popularity. The irony of the situation is when you live in the same locality for a long period of time; you slowly get used to less space & fresh air, longer travel times, more hustle and bustle, more push & shove without really noticing the changes taking place all around you. There are times when it’s good to review your position and think outside the box; otherwise you’ll invariably find yourself ending up doing things out of habit.

If you’re thinking about a change... you absolutely must check out New Zealand’s finest city... Dunedin. So many people I have talked to have definite opinions about the place. When I ask them more it often turns out that they visited the city once for a day when they were 5 etc. You have got to visit this wonderful city and region. Definitely the best move we have ever made.

Relocating a family and company from Auckland, 1300 Km South to Dunedin, is not an undertaking that you would want to embark on too many times in one lifetime. With a population of approximately 130000, Dunedin has the correct mix of city and accessibility, amenities and industry to really enjoy it to the fullest.

Why Dunedin?

There are many reasons but some of the important motivator’s were:

  • The Dunedin City Council is genuinely interested in attracting and nurturing quality business to their region. Scarcely had we arrived when Des Adamson from the Council’s Economic Development Unit called around to see if there was anything that they could do for us. The unit is very progressive, staff are helpful and they offer a range of programmes for companies willing to think outside the box.

  • Dunedin has a disproportionately high number of quality engineering technology companies which will undoubtedly lead to valuable synergies being created in the future.

  • The University of Otago is New Zealand’s oldest University and one of the most respected facilities of its type in the country. Once again the opportunities to conduct joint research are immediately evident.

  • The weather is better! Sure it’s colder, but a frost is usually followed by a clear sunny day. In particular the reduction in annual rainfall is refreshing. Give me crisp, cold, bright winters anytime over miserable rainy winters!

  • Diamond lights... the air is so fresh, clean and free from dust that the light sparkles just like a diamond. Imagine living in an atmosphere chilled by the South Pole and then filtered as it flows northwards across the thousands of miles of pristine ocean before finally reaching Dunedin.

  • The quality of life on offer is arguably the highest in New Zealand.

Our relocation to Dunedin has been a considerable undertaking, but now we’ve re-established, it’s all starting to feel really worthwhile. Dunedin is undoubtedly one of the very finest places to live in New Zealand. But don’t take my word for it, come and check it out for yourself!

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