Review - Silhouette SXD2 USB DAC and SX25i Integrated Amplifier

One of New Zealand’s most respected audio reviewers Martin Bell has recently reviewed the Perreaux SX25i Integrated Amplifier and SXD2 USB DAC. To follow are a few excerpts:

SX25i Integrated Amplifier:

“Adding the SX25i was a real ear opener. I was stunned by the quality of sound emanating from Perreaux’s pint-sized powerhouse; it didn’t just sound good, it sounded great.”

“The baby Perreaux’s 25 watts are delivered with vim and verve — so much so that it makes most 100-watt-plus leviathans sound bloated and ponderous.”


“While bass output was tight, tuneful and free from overhang…
…it was also remarkably clean with a low noise floor, fine focus and an expansive soundstage.”

“With its USB input it’s just as likely to see service in a PC-based front end, effectively replacing your computer’s sound card. In this situation you can be assured the SXD2 will blow just about any soundcard into the weeds.”

Read the SXD2 & SX25i review in it's entirety.

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