Aerial - Kate Bush (2005)

  • 13 Oct, 2006
  • Perreaux
  • Music

The fact that the world has been waiting for the release of her eighth album "Aerial" for more than a decade has, if anything, only added to the air of mystique surrounding her. “I have been genuinely touched by the sense of anticipation I've felt from people,“ says Bush. “I feel really privileged that people have been waiting.”

On the evidence of "Aerial", her first album since 1993's "The Red Shoes", it may have been a long wait, but ultimately it has been a very rewarding one. A characteristically bold and expansive work brimming with atmosphere, mystery, passion and complex aural detail, the twin-disc "Aerial" has already been declared a masterpiece by all who have heard it.

Visit the official Kate Bush website, read a review or buy the CD.

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