Silhouette SXCD CD Player : first images

The Silhouette SXCD CD player has been through yet another design change. After prototyping a singlebox solution we decided to go with a two-box solution instead.

To maintain the same front profile to match other products in the Silhouette range, the single-box solution had to be twice the depth of the other components. This didn’t fit with the sleek, minimalist lines of the Silhouette Series and hence the two-box solution was conceived.

Silhouette SXCD CD Player front panelSilhouette SXCD CD Player buttons up closeSilhouette SXCD CD Player buttonsSilhouette SXCD CD Player CD in traySilhouette SXCD CD Player

We hope you like it. Any and all feedback is welcomed.

Keep your eyes out for it early next year, release is expected January 2007. A belated Christmas present perhaps…

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