Hi Sierra Nirvana: 4 x Perreaux 750's + Apogee Diva's - does it get any better?

Nir·va·na [nir-vah-nuh]: “An ideal condition of rest, harmony, stability, or joy.”

Richard Murry lives at lake Tahoe, Nevada. As a successful businessman, long standing Perreaux enthusiast and lover of music, Rich has recently built on his passion for quality by investing in 4 of our top of the line 750W Monoblock Power Amplifiers and the new SM6 MkII Balanced Stereo Preamplifier.

Read all about Rich's Hi Sierra Nirvana:

“Rich Murry’s quest for Audio Excellence started in the early 1980’s in Southern California, when he refused to follow his dealers’ advice to purchase the in-stock Perreaux 2150B and had the 5150B special ordered. Through-out the years he experimented with various other Perreaux products such as: 2150B, 1850, 3150, SX1, SM2, SM3. Since the “speaker is only as good as the equipment driving it” Rich finalized his system in early 1989 with the Perreaux 5550 to drive his Apogee Caliper speakers.

For the next 15 years Rich lived with this system until the bug for Audio Excellence bit once again in 2005. Being very successful with his various business endeavors through-out the years Rich could now afford to follow his musically trained ears in developing the next generation of the ultimate system. After a tremendous amount of research Rich was determined to have the legendary Apogee Diva speakers for this new system. The only problem being that Apogee was no longer in business so after an exhaustive search he located them in Canada and had them shipped. Upon arrival he determined that they needed to be repaired and set about to acquire the proper parts. With few alternatives available, Rich decided that he would need to rebuild the speakers himself. After weeks of work and thousands of dollars they were finally ready to be auditioned. Driven at that point by a Perreaux 5550 and a Perreaux 3150 and he was blown away with the result.

But the quest for Audio Excellence is never over. Rich wanted to see how he could make the system even better so he then contacted Perreaux in New Zealand to learn about the newest products and quickly decided that the “ultimate system” needed to be driven by four (4) Perreaux 750 monoblock power amplifiers with the SM6 MkII balanced preamplifier.

As of July 2006 the “ultimate system” for Audio Excellence stands at:

Pair of Apogee Diva speakers (with DAX3)
Four (4) Perreaux 750 monoblock power amplifiers
One (1) Perreaux SM6 MkII balanced preamplifier
One (1) Marantz SP-11 SACD (The Perreaux CD1 is on order!)
One (1) Line conditioner
Four (4) pairs of Nordost Frey Interconnect cables
Two (2) pairs of MIT Shotgun S-1 speaker cables
One (1) Shunyata Taipan power cable

Finally Rich was ready to play the music he put away in 1989. His ultimate reference is “Gone” from the album “Dusk” by Jim Chappell found on the 1988 Music West Records - Anthology (Promo Edition). According to Rich “nothing demonstrates the capabilities of a system like the solo grand piano performance”. For the true Audio Experience nothing could be better than to sit facing the waterfall, with the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the background, listening to “Gone” in Rich’s living room on his “quest for the ultimate” hi-fi system.”


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