Silhouette SXCD CD Player: groundbreaking engineering,, June release

Silhouette SXCD CD Player prototype pcbAt Perreaux we’ve decided to throw away the book and develop our own CD player from scratch. Unlike other audio manufacturers who simply use a standard commercially available CD mechanism, bolt in a power supply, hook up the interface and wrap it in a fancy case, we’ve gone back to engineering basics and developed something unique.

The new Silhouette SXCD CD transport will utilize the reliability and versatility of a computer CDROM, the performance of a high quality oscillator, and the idea of obtaining perfect digital data to provide the best possible platform for the SPDIF transmission and on-board DAC.

Inside the new SXCD is a computer CDROM where the raw digital data is extracted through the IDE interface and converted to an I2S serial format externally. Because the digital data is clocked asynchronously out of the CDROM, the problem of jitter and data timing errors between the controller and the optical mechanism are completely eliminated. The CDROM also makes use of the Cross Interleaved Reed Solomon Code (CIRC) error correction algorithm built into the CD-DA audio format to eliminate data errors and provide uncorrupted digital data to the external circuitry.

All data transfer external to the CDROM is synchronized from a common clock signal, and because the SPDIF and DAC circuitry are driven from the reference oscillator, timing errors and jitter are eliminated in the clocking circuitry.

For a high quality SPDIF transmission the clock jitter must be kept to a minimum. This is achieved by using a high quality, clock oscillator running at 11.2896MHz with high temperature stability, ultra fast rise and fall times and jitter of less than 5 pico seconds. This clock signal is then used to drive the SPDIF transmission, the on board DAC, and all data conversion circuitry. Also, to provide the best SPDIF output possible, one of the industries best digital audio transformers has been included. It is specifically designed for SPDIF transmission with rise and fall times of only 1.5ns and 4pF of capacitance.

The on-board DAC also utilizes this high quality clock to provide the analog output with very low distortion; however the ultimate in performance can be obtained by using the digital output, combined with high quality DAC module such as the Silhouette SXD2.

We anticipate the SXCD to be released around June of this year. Keep an ear out for it.

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