Silhouette SX60m 60W Mono-Aural Power Amplifier due out soon

The prototypes are built and are currently being field trialled. Production is scheduled to commence very shortly. The response to date has been most encouraging.

Silhouette SX60m Mono-Aural Power Amplifier prototype rear Silhouette SX60m Mono-Aural Power Amplifier prototype front

John Ransley from Totally Wired Dunedin, NZ comments:

“We had another listen last night - near impossible to fault these - very happy with what we hear and would have these at home permanently. The difference between the overall performance with the new SX60m and anything else we've had is greater than expected. Have detail on well known records that we simply haven't heard in any system, plenty of power and all 'audiophile' qualities.”

Crighton Weir from The Listening Post Christchurch, NZ comments:

“The SX60m doesn’t look like a classic amp should. Small, silver and understated in its’ styling, I was expecting the sound to be somewhat “small” too. What a pleasant surprise when my ears were treated to the Dynamic, Detailed and Controlled presentation often reserved for larger more contemporary amplifiers. The SX60m showed how good a well designed and laid out little amp could sound. These little things will have you scratching your head wondering where they have shoe horned all that power.”

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