Developing the SXV2 Phono Preamplifier: a dedication to excellence

Perreaux manufactures high end audio products in our 5000 square foot facility in Dunedin, New Zealand. We are shortly due to release a new second generation Silhouette series phono preamplifier called the SXV2 (release announcement expected shortly).

Perreaux has a long heritage of phono preamplifiers, so on the face of it the project wasn’t going to be too much of a challenge. The SXV2 is one of several new projects that we are currently working on, and like fine wine… good things tend to take time. The development has been proceeding on and off for almost a year and naturally after all this time we’ve been keen to release the new unit.

Further prototypes were produced and additional listening tests commenced. We couldn’t put our finger on it but we just didn’t come away with a sense of total satisfaction. So after all this time and effort, we made the decision to throw away the mould and review the redevelopment from a different angle.

We could have released the unit and it would have sounded just fine, but after 30 years in business you start to feel the weight of expectation to uphold our engineering heritage and to push ourselves to the margins and produce something fabulous.

I want to offer my thanks to the absolute dedication to excellence of our engineering team. We will, shortly be releasing an absolutely wonderful phono stage called the Silhouette SXV2.

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