Halfway: Between Ape & Angel – Pitch Black (2005)

  • 6 Mar, 2006
  • Perreaux
  • Music

Having pumped through the electronic music scene since their first performance at The Gathering back in ’97, Pitch Black has roused dance floor punters, generated rave reviews and won thousands of fans around the world.

Hard to box into a single genre, their sound is distinctive - ranging from organic, ambient beginnings and layered soundscapes to skanking keyboards, cutting acid riffs and thumping rhythmic grooves, with dub the glue that binds. These are the elements that Pitch Black has once again conjured up to create a sensual undulating remix album.

"Halfway: Between Ape & Angel" is an album of many styles and sounds created from the beats and noises of their third album, the acclaimed "Ape to Angel". Maintaining the original Pitch Black grooves & dub fx, the broad range of remix artists have deliciously layered the beats and influences of deep tech, drum ‘n’ bass and ambient to their tunes. The album features remixes by local artists including Bluetech, Agent Alvin, Max + Bluey, Switch + pZ, OG, Module, Fiord and Peak_Shift, as well as international DJs such as Friend Electric, Ithz and Alucidination.

Visit the website of Pitch Black or buy the CD.

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