New Product - Silhouette SX60m Mono-Aural Power Amplifier

Introducing the much anticipated Silhouette SX60m Mono-Aural Power Amplifier. The SX60m packs a punch well above its weight with the highest power-per-cubiccentimetre of any class A, Class AB or Class B amplifier on the market today.

The power output from its small stature is astounding. As with all Perreaux products the design is completely solid state featuring the finest audiophile grade componentry throughout. The styling of the SX60m is subtle and discreet allowing seamless integration into existing systems or the perfect compliment to other components from the Perreaux range.


  • Class A signal stages
  • Custom shielded toroidal transformer
  • 17600uF of smoothing capacitance
  • Balanced input with matched impedance for positive and negative lines
  • Optimal circuit layout for improved noise floor
  • Enhanced audio design featuring highest quality PCB and minimal internal wiring
  • Balanced and unbalanced inputs for easy daisy-chaining and bi-amping
  • High current drive
  • Compact
  • Stylish

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