New Product - Silhouette SXP2 Preamplifier

It is not uncommon to pick up a technology magazine and be assaulted with a dazzling array of new electronic devices. Cell phones incorporating MP3 players are just one of a whole host of new “must have” products demanding your attention. These new wiz bang gadgets are all well and good if you subscribe to the “more is better” philosophy; but what about an approach that solely focuses on the essentials… namely obtaining the best sound quality.

The new Silhouette SXP2 Passive Preamplifier has been specifically designed to address this issue alone. With no power supply, indicator lighting, remote controller or additional circuitry to compromise sound, the SXP2 addresses only the essential element of musical reproduction.

The new SXP2 is “the statement” in pared down minimalist audio design and all that remains is the purest and most essential structure of any preamplifier, namely the input selection and passive attenuator controlled by two fascia mounted knobs.

Designed specifically to work alongside the new Silhouette SX60m 60W Mono-Aural Power Amplifier, the new SXP2/SX60m combination form the perfect audio partnership.

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