Show Report - VAD and Malmö 2007

Interest in A/V has never been greater in Europe. Exhibiting at the recent VAD show in Eindhoven, The Netherlands evidenced this.

Our Benelux distributor E-Audio put together an excellent show. Feel free to browse images of the E-Audio stand at VAD.

The Silhouette series left many very surprised at just how good these products really are. Our sincere thanks to all the team at E-Audio Benelux for hosting a superb exhibition.

Then onwards to Sweden, I vow to spend more time there in future (especially over summer) as it is a really spectacular country. Flying from Stockholm to Malmo in the south with a setting sun, you can see dramatic evidence of Sweden’s stunning landscape, with thousands of small lakes clothed in pockets of forest. I’ve never seen anything quite like it before. Swedes are open, friendly and progressive... they are delightful to be around.

My thanks to our Swedish distributor Olle Zetterstrom for his hospitality and to ljudupplevelser. exhibiting Perreaux at the recent Malmö hi fi show. Olle writes:

"We had about 5000 people visiting during the shows two day duration. I played on the Perreaux Prisma series together with Amphion Xenon loudspeakers. We had REALLY good sound (which is not always the case when exhibiting at a hifi show, as you probably know). Both the Prisma and especially the Silhouette series attracted a lot of attention."

My thanks also for a superb night out in Copenhagen, Denmark together with our Danish distributor Soren Vittrup it was a real pleasure.

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