Supertramp - Even in the Quietest Moments (1977)

  • 7 Apr, 2007
  • Perreaux
  • Music

While there had been McCartney-esque pop elements in Supertramp's accessible brand of art-rock from the beginning, Even in the Quietest Moments represents a definitive shift from proggier tendencies towards a more commercial approach. Coming as it did before the band's major commercial breakthrough, Breakfast in America, it foreshadows that album's straightforward pop-rock approach, while still retaining a touch of the early artiness. While 'Fool's Overture' has a bit of the weightiness one ordinarily associates with 1970s prog, the fragile, contemplative title track and "From Now On" betray a fondness for the softer side of '60s Britpop. 'Give a Little Bit', which would become one of Supertramp's signature songs, is a sunny, acoustic-guitar-driven tune that would sound at home alongside almost any '70s Los Angeles folk-rock act. The band's big crossover was just around the corner, but all the earmarks of their breakout can be heard here.

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