New Product - Silhouette SXCD CD Player

We know you've all been eagerly awaiting a CD player to grace the Silhouette Series, and on a couple of occasions we have prematurely gotten your hopes up. But we're very pleased to announce that the Silhouette Series SXCD Compact Disc Player is at long last officially released.

More than 3 years have passed since we first conceived the idea of developing a Silhouette Series CD player around a computer optical drive. If only we had realised the scale of the task ahead of us – the months, literally months, of listening time required and the number of sleepless nights, we may have thought twice about undertaking this project. What a journey it’s been... Still, this is the challenge we face each time we embark on the development of a new product – some projects come together quickly, while others take a lot longer to reach production.

Technical Design Thoughts:

Initially, sitting at the drawing board all those years ago, we conceived a CD player in the Silhouette Series that was unique and would push the performance boundaries in this market sector.

Our thinking behind the concept was that we could use the parallel interface of the computer drive to completely remove jitter from this part of the digital audio chain, compared with the jitter-prone serial interface of standard CD mechanisms. Very low levels of jitter are essential for accurate conversion and hence high-quality audio.

Early progress was good and the concept developed into a breadboard model rather quickly. However, this proved to be a minor hurdle compared to the process of finessing every detail and ultimately the sound of the new player.

Physical Form & Styling:

Fitting a computer drive, along with a printed circuit board (PCB) and some electronics, into the small and compact form factor that symbolises the Silhouette Series was a huge obstacle. Trying to maintain the sleek frontal profile and design cues of the Silhouette Series proved difficult and resulted in many iterations of the chassis design before finally deciding on the two-box solution.

The Moment of Truth:

Bench testing the SXCD revealed excellent results, proving the architecture that we employed was successful and provided the solid foundation required to build a high-quality CD player.

Rigorous listening tests, with various speakers, in various systems, for what seemed like an eternity; enabled the sound to be perfected. Our sincere thanks go out to all family, friends and colleagues for their valued comments, opinions and time. The SXCD would not be the product it is without this indispensable testing process.

Looking back on our 3 year journey, it’s had its challenges, but on a whole has been an extremely worthwhile experience and resulted in a Silhouette Series CD player that is unique, exhibits original engineering and pushes performance boundaries in its market sector – in short, it’s all and more than we could have hoped for!

We won’t bore you with too many technical details as they are readily available on the SXCD Compact Disc Player product page of our website. The owners manual (1.2MB) can also be downloaded from our website.

Technical Overview:

Utilising a computer optical drive, a precision clock oscillator and the idea of obtaining perfect digital data allows the SXCD Compact Disc Player to provide the best possible platform for SPDIF transmission and on-board DAC.

Digital audio data is read from the disc via the parallel IDE interface of the computer drive, entirely independent of the master clock, therefore completely eliminating jitter and data timing errors between the optical pickup and the audio converter.

All data transfer external of the computer drive is synchronised from a shared precision clock oscillator. The high temperature stability, fast rise and fall times, and low-jitter of the precision clock oscillator ensure overall jitter performance of the SPDIF transmitter and DAC is kept to an absolute minimum.

Key Features:

  • Computer Optical Drive
  • Compact Two-Box Solution
  • Increased Read-Speed
  • Ultra-Short Signal Paths
  • Precision Master Clock
  • Optimal Signal Ground Design
  • Digital Output Transformer
  • BNC Digital Output Connector
  • pLINK Port
  • RC-5 Remote Input
  • Custom Design Toroidal Transformer
  • Multiple Regulated Power Supplies

The Silhouette Series SXCD Compact Disc Player is now available from your nearest Perreaux dealer.

Don’t take our word for it, call-in and listen for yourself.

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