Gino Vanelli - Powerful People (1975)

  • 5 Sep, 2007
  • Perreaux
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Gino Vanelli - Powerful People

Powerful People gives listeners a hint that in addition to being a talented singer, musician, and lyricist, Gino is also a superb arranger and orchestrator. The songs on the album that most clearly demonstrate that are, "Son of a New York Gun", "Jack Miraculous", and "Powerful People".

Gino's music has the power to make you happy, sad, want to dance, or just chill. The power to make you care about what he cares about and make you care about him. It does all of these things and so much more, simply a joy to listen to even after more than 30 years.

Visit Gino Vanelli's Website or buy the CD.

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