No One Ever Regretted Buying Quality

I’ve owned a Hewlett Packard HP11c calculator for many years now. Funny thing is it has become so much a part of my life, I couldn’t imagine using anything else.

Spending many hours a day behind my computer, it would be natural to assume that I would use the calculator function on my computer desktop... not on your life! There is just something about that HP calculator that just can’t be beaten. For me it gets down to the buttons that HP has used. They have this wonderful snap action tactile feel to them which works to confirm every keystroke that I enter. I know of several other users of the same calculator who also swear by them.

I paid an outrageous price for it at the time... and to think that I could have bought at least 15 Casio equivalents for this. However I still use it every day and it has become my trusty friend. Another really nice feature is that it uses reverse polish notation, so most pick it up once and never touch it again. Perfect!

When you choose a Perreaux it is a similar experience. Make your decision carefully because chances are you are going to get 20++ years of continuous use out of it. It will most probably occupy pride of place in your home and always be there for you.

So buy once and buy well, because no one ever regretted investing in quality.

Here are a couple of excerpts of recent emails to attest to how good our products are:

"I am the very proud owner of a Perreaux 2150B power amplifier and a SM2 preamplifier purchased in 1984. I am a real music enthusiast and have been enjoying both my power and preamp without any problems what so ever since the 80's. Both amps are still in 100% mint condition."

"Thanks for making the best amps in the world! I recently picked up a 2000B model (1982) and note that it can operate in bridged mode. Can you please advise the correct way to wire speaker outputs when operating in bridged (mono) mode for this model? And does it matter which input is used? I wouldn't want to destroy this fantastic piece of history! Your help is much appreciated!"

"I love your amplifiers. I have a PMF1150B (1982) that is in perfect shape and sounds tremendous. They get better with age!"

"I have used and owned Perreaux amplifiers ever since they came onto the market. I have in my possession a 200EXR power amp which I purchased from Champion Hi Fi (now defunct) back in 1978, it was one of the first amplifiers built by Perreaux, in fact it may even be number one. It has given trouble free performance all those years. I have owned various other Perreaux products, in fact am still using the PMF100 (100 watts class A) its still going strong and sounds great."

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