New Website Goes Live: a refreshing change

  • 17 Oct, 2008
  • Perreaux
  • Media

As some of you may have already noticed – our website has changed somewhat. If you hadn’t, then you better scoot across and see what all the fuss is about –

We thought it was about time for a change, the previous website was a little long-in-the-tooth, and what better time to re-vamp it than when we announce a new product range.

We’re changing the way we do things a little and you’ll notice that we’ve now got a blog on our website [obviously, because you're reading it]. This will be our primary medium for keeping you all up to date with what is happening around Perreaux HQ.

In time, our regular email newsletter will be phased-out and we’ll solely be using the blog to keep in touch with you all. So please ensure to subscribe to the blog if you wish to keep up with what’s happening around here.

Comments can be made on blog entries, so the dialog needn’t all be one-way anymore. The blog is also searchable, and has RSS feeds for each of the categories.

Look forward to hearing from you sometime...

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