Merry Christmas

Here we go again... it's Christmas... please don't let the hype and ceremony get in the way, because for me, it's not about having the most lavish gifts, biggest leg of roast meat or finest laid table. For me Christmas is a time to kick back, relax with friends, family and think of others. In doing so, realising that maybe my problems and needs are not quite and big as I thought they were. It's also a time to enquire how others are getting on, get the neighbours over for a beer and a chat etc. I recall Christmases past when we were so busy running around to really appreciate the things that matter, like spending lots of time just hanging around catching up with family and appreciating for the smaller things. So do it... play cards, wash dishes together, tell stories, and most importantly... let your love for one another really shine...make it a special christmas...and come back to work in the new year feeling refreshed, relaxed, happy and rearing to go.

On Kids

We talk about spending quality time with our kids... it's a noble concept, except for a child any time spent together is quality time. Last night after our evening meal I went out into our back yard with our children and just watched them play and took part in kicking balls and ragging around together etc. Kids don't need the latest toys to feel great about life... they need time and lots of it... just to bond and be together... forget the notion of quality time because all time spent together can be quality...and preferably the more time spend together the better! Don't be a remote control Dad... life's just to short and precious a gift for that.

Attending to the finer details

What do you think it is that separates the best from the rest. Take winemakers... there are plenty of vineyards, but only a few reach the top. Sure you have got to get the basics right... well more than right actually... about perfect! Then there's that final 5% of finessing which I liken to the cherry on the cake.

We've had a long history of making hi end audio amplifiers ... currently standing at 34 years and counting. All our products had merit... some performed better than others and a few were really outstanding, but in general the ones that we did the most groundwork on, spent the greatest amount of engineering time over and finessed to the greatest degree turned out to be the best performers and sellers.

I look around today and it's obvious that we have undergone a fundamental change in our buying behaviors. I remember a time not that many years ago when you purchased something like a toaster and it was pretty much a case of checking it off the list as it would almost last a lifetime. Sure the elements burn 't out after 15 years but the toaster was simply bought in to an appliance repair facility and repaired and on its merry way.

Roll the film forward to what is happening buy a toaster... it's a cheap (probably alot cheaper by comparison to the original), thermoplastic wonder that looks great, you plug it in and it works well for a while. First sign of trouble you chuck it out and get another... right... same applies to your TV, DVD, Vacuum cleaner, Car, Fridge and just about every other item you can think of. Welcome to the throw away society. I remember my mum had a Nilfisk vacuum cleaner... that thing ran and ran and ran... it just could not be killed... to me its all about buying something good and keeping it forever.

My Dad had a friend who had an old VW that he had bought from new... he never bought another car and ran it until he was in his 80's... why do we get hooked into this throw away thing, constantly changing our houses, cars and just about everything else! Why not buy once and buy really well and keep it FOREVER!

I have been fortunate to witness the development of our new series of integrated amplifiers called the eloquence.... well if ever a product was to embody my core philosophies of investing in lasting quality... this would be one of those special moments... right from the products inception we decided to cut no corners... not like some of these car companies who steal a motor from this and bolt it to a chassis from that, the door handles from that model and the drive train from that... you make lots of different models quickly but none of them turn out to be in the top 5% of their game.

So there you have it, in my opinion the new eloquence series will sit amongst the elite... because we have cut absolutely no corners and lavished attention on every small detail... it's one thing for me to state it... quite another indeed for you to judge it to be so.

Perreaux éloquence series... we really have attended to the finer details and hope you will enjoy our new creations as much as we do.

Due to our dedication and commitment we're working right through the festive season to ensure the éloquence integrated amplifiers are shipping early in the new year. So from everyone on the Perreaux team, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year...

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