Fait Accompli

Now that the Silhouette series is complete, it's a good time to look at what it can offer. From the inception of the series, our focus has always been on extracting every last grain of detail and to provide the highest level of performance available.

Let's begin with the heart of the Silhouette product offering:

Core Silhouette Products


A 25W integrated amplifier, featuring a single volume control knob, a pair of line level inputs and a pair of adjustable outputs (pre-outs). The unit has a simple role - deliver great sound with a minimum of fuss.

Visit the SX25i 25W Integrated Amplifier product page. 

SXP2 & SX25

If you require greater connectivity and flexibility then we've provided for this with the SXP2 passive preamplifier and SX25 25W stereo power amplifier. This pre/power combination provides 3 line level inputs, 2 adjustable outputs (pre-outs) and 1 line level output for added flexibility over the SX25i.

Visit the SXP2 Passive Preamplifier and SX25 25W Stereo Power Amplifier product pages.

SXP2 & SX60m

This combination provides top of the line pre/power sonic performance. The SX60m is a 60W mono-aural power amplifier and will provide a complete controlled performance for bookshelf loudspeakers and their smaller floor-standing equivalents.

Visit the SXP2 Passive Preamplifier and SX60m 60W Mono-Aural Power Amplifier product pages.

Peripheral Silhouette Products

SXV2 - a dedicated MM/MC phono stage incorporating adjustable gain, impedance, capacitance and RIAA equalisation. The SXV2 is a high-gain preamplifier that takes the output from your turntable and amplifies the signal to a level which is acceptable for a conventional preamplifier or integrated amplifier to work with. Finest quality components are utilised throughout and great care has been taken with circuit board layout, resulting in a phono preamplifier which is better to some of the finest available at any price.

Visit the SXV2 Phono Preamplifier product page.

SXD2 - a DAC module featuring USB connectivity along with a traditional SPDIF digital input. Computers are becoming increasingly popular for music playback and storage. Undoubtedly driven by the huge uptake of the iPod, improvements in recent years of audio formats and to a lesser degree the internet. With the cost of hard disk drives at an all-time low, currently as low as 0.37 NZD (0.30 USD/0.20 EUR) per gigabyte, computers are a cheap and convenient solution for storage of large music collections. Hard disk drives are now available with capacities of 1 terabyte (1000 gigabytes), this is over 1000 CDs stored uncompressed! Using the SXD2 enables you to extract the best performance from your computer based audio collection, bypassing the computers internal sound card and outputting digital audio via USB directly to the SXD2. This in turn is fed into the input of a preamplifier or integrated amplifier.

Visit the SXD2 USB DAC product page.

SXCD - the two-box SXCD is a sophisticated CD player, utilising a computer DVD drive and unique electronic circuitry it facilitates very-low jitter performance to deliver highest quality audio reproduction. Each box of the SXCD is the same size as the other products in the Silhouette range and is particularly appealing to those who are looking for a complete suite of matching audio components. To add another dimension to your music, try connecting the SXD2 DAC module via the digital SPDIF output of the SXCD.

Visit the SXCD Compact Disc Player product page.

SXH2 - a dedicated headphone amplifier capable of driving any headphone to your complete satisfaction.

Visit the SXH2 Headphone Amplifier product page.

SXL2 - a Class-A, unity-gain, line stage buffer designed to overcome the negative effects of inferior drive from CD players and other hi fi source components. The SXL2 also provides a method of migrating from single-ended to balanced topology.

Visit the SXL2 Line Stage Buffer product page.

Selecting components from the Silhouette series enables you create the optimal audio solution for your needs. The Silhouette series really is a Fait Accompli.

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