The Devil's in the Details: the importance of heritage

Perreaux was founded in 1974 and has been consistently producing highest quality audio components throughout this time.

What are you getting when you invest in Perreaux and is there any advantage in buying from a company with a heritage spanning some 34 years?


We are very proud of our company and its enviable status as being amongst the very best in our field. We take great care and full responsibility to make absolutely sure that no matter what we design or produce, it always represents our finest collective efforts. When you buy French Champagne... it had better be good. The same applies to when you invest in Perreaux... you can be confident that it's going to exceed your expectations.

Accumulated Knowledge

Like a library with only a few books, you're going to struggle to become an expert in your field if you can't leverage off accumulated knowledge built up over many years. Our designers use empirical knowledge and techniques as a filter to screen all new concepts through. It tends to make for a very solid platform to continuously build from.

Reliability & Brand Identity

How many times have I fallen into the trap of buying inferior goods. Our house is full of past mistakes. Most recent are the toys that our children scatter about the floor and we end up tidying away. Plastic toys invariably break in a relatively short space of time and end up getting thrown out. The wooden ones may cost more but seem to last and get handed down to the younger ones... now there's a lesson in that somewhere.

If you're reading this newsletter, you're already interested the top-end audio market - what about the importance of brand? Well we are still here, our second-hand products fetch premium prices worldwide. You can take great comfort in these aspects.

Thousands of satisfied customers worldwide can attest to the fact that our products are incredibly reliable. If you've ever been saddled with something that breaks down and no one is able to help you because you can't speak to the manufacturer because they've closed down or don't speak English or have changed their models and distributors every year for the past 10 years, you'll begin to appreciate this little mentioned issue.


There's a saying... "no-one ever regretted investing in quality". I know because I once purchased a pair of cheap hedge clippers. Hey they were half the price of the good pair and I thought at the time that I was making the right decision. I've still got the confounded things and every time I hack at my hedge with them I end up skinning my knuckles with them when they cross over themselves... tends to act as a salutary reminder to choose once and choose well.

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