Bliss - Quiet Letters (2003)

  • 28 Jul, 2008
  • Perreaux
  • Music

Their debut album “Afterlife” was a huge success in Denmark, but the album was never relased internationally. However the track “Kissing” was compiled on more than 30 compilations and the two singles “Dunia” and “The Suns of Afterlife” as limited 10 inches was released internationally. The international appeal is out there, and Bliss has become one of the true chill-out undergrounds classics.

Marc-George, Steffen, Tchando and Alexandra meet the world with “Quiet Letters”, which includes some of the finest moments from “Afterlife” plus previous recordings they just couldn’t keep to themselves anymore. During those long sessions and recording time, they managed to get hold of one of their favourite voices: Sophie Barker from Zero 7. You will find a highly international album, which makes you think of Massive Attack meets Sade.

With the vibes of Morricone, opening track “Sleep will Come” is an open space created with musical flair for tradition, and beautiful sense of beauty ambience. Calmly, quietly it folds into a dreamy and peaceful piece of music, making you think about a movie ones lost, now found. It is pop music that takes you far beyond the beaches of Ibiza, on a travel into African soul, Scandinavian coolness and love.

Balearic, classically and mysterious... it is from here Bliss has invited you to enjoy the very poetic moments in life, where you feel open and calm. As is often experienced in Scandinavian sound, Bliss has this melancholic feeling underneath, deep down in the beats, as on the first vocal performance on the album, when you hear Sophie Barker’s voice on the track “Breathe”... it honestly, takes you away. In both “Right Here” and “Don’t Look Back” you find two new classics with Sophie sounding stronger than ever.

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