Spaces: a fresh look at headphones

We've just got the latest release in the LateNightTales series, compiled by Tom Findlay and Andy Cato a.k.a. Groove Armada.

It’s being playing pretty loud in the factory the last few days and it’s been good to listen to. We’ve had a few SXH2 headphone amplifiers on test and it’s been hugely revealing to contrast the two systems against each other. The factory floor is hard and with other impeding obstacles it is difficult to obtain an adequate stereo image.

Using a good pair of tight-fitting, closed-back headphones, the immediate difference is in the almost total lack of background noise... thereby dropping the noise floor to my favourite late night listening levels, creating a wonderful space where nothing previously existed.

The Silhouette SXH2 Headphone Amplifier provides exceptional performance when used in conjunction with high-quality headphones. To my ear, the SXH2 & headphone combination offer a realistic alternative to those who seek a quality listening experience.

Stereo imaging, (while not the same as conventional stereo) is not affected when using headphones. You can move to the left and to the right all you like and everything remains completely unaffected.

You can enjoy your favourite music in privacy without affecting others.

Headphones are all different in construction and style. In a factory setting on account of a relatively high background noise environment, a fully enclosed type of headphone is advised as the best way to lower the background noise level.

The SXH2 has been specifically designed to serve up the very finest audio performance available. Only the SXH2 will provide the dynamic bass and black background that is so important to audiophile quality reproduction.

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