éloquence CDt Transport Shipping Now

eloquence CDt CD TransportWow, how exciting, we've started shipping the éloquence CDt Compact Disc Transport. Shipments have already gone to France, South Africa, Taiwan, Singapore and New Zealand; with more to follow to Norway, Denmark, United Kingdom, United States, Chile, India and Hong Kong before Christmas. Boy do we have a busy couple of days ahead of us.

The éloquence CDt is the perfect partner to the éloquence 150i and 250i integrated amplifiers. When used with the digital-to-analogue converter (DAC) module internal to the amplifiers, the full potential of a dedicated éloquence system is realised.

Now, I can hear you thinking "that was cut and pasted straight from the marketing machine" – but the CDt really does complement the éloquence integrated amplifiers perfectly.

We totally weren't ready for the amount of detail the CDt extracted from the humble CD. The sound is immensely detailed and resolute, the amplifiers internal DAC module ensuring the sound remains musical, without hint of sounding clinical or dry.

Every time a CDt is on audio test, a little smile finds it's way across our faces and we're reminded how special the éloquence range of components are, what they represent for us and the formidable benchmarks they set for future developments.

Anyhow, now I'm getting all sentimental. Keep an eye out for the official press release from CES 2010 in Las Vegas early next month. In the meantime, check out the éloquence CDt Compact Disc Transport product page on our website.

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