Silhouette SXV2 Reviewed in Germany

LP - Magazin für analoges HiFi & Vinyl-KulturGerman specialist analogue hi fi magazine 'lp' recently reviewed the Silhouette SXV2 Phono Preamplifier in their 2/2009 issue.

Duck out to your local German magazine shop to pick up a copy in the flesh, or take the easy route and stump up €4,30 to download the 2/2009 issue from their website...  Although, you'll need to scrub up on your German.

The SXV2 inspired these words from reviewer Holger Barske:

“Perhaps one of the musical chip phono preamps ever. The Perreaux plays in detail, light, charming, almost with a little tube charm. The easy handling and extensive customization to speak also for the New Zealand import.”

Translation courtesy of Google Translate.


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