First Preview of Audiant 80i

Audiant 80i Integrated Amplifier Front StraightThree kiwi geezers have taken the World's first look at our Audiant 80i integrated amplifier. Gary S, Gary P, and Ash from New Zealand's premium site for technology product reviews,, spent an evening with the 80i, some great music and a few beers.

Although the unit they had was a pre-production sample, their first impressions were very positive. There were a couple of glitches, typical of pre-production samples, but they looked past that and were able to discover a couple of key Audiant philosophies "The Audiant isn’t just an amp, it’s a new generation digital hub" and "it won’t alienate the female part of the buying equation by being too big, too ugly or too imposing".

More importantly, they found the Audiant 80i to be "composed and enjoyable to listen to", with "bass that was tight and deeper than seems reasonable" from the Castle speakers they were listening to.

Read about their Perreaux Audiant First Look in it's entirety.

Many thanks to the team for their first impressions of the Audiant 80i integrated amplifier. We look forward to reading their full review when they get their hands on a full-blown production unit. Cheers guys.

(By the way, you'll pleased to know that we've addressed the touch panel glitches they encountered.)

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